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Huda Khalid
Huda Khalid
Home Alone
Published On Jun 26th 2015
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Before I would like to tell you that this has happened to me.So let me start when I was home and it was 9 o' clock.My dad and mom we out to meet my uncle and I was home alone. So when they went out of the house I heard the closing of the door. I jumped up from my bed and I was thinking of what to do. All the fun ran thrush my mind and at last I switched on the T.V. Then I turned channels and started seeing 'The curse of the doll'. And after a while I heard a voice in the kitchen it was like a cracking voice. It was very annoying so I went inside and saw a figure of ghostly person. I was so scared that I crawled under the table and held a broom in one hand. Then the doorbell rang and went quietly on tip toe to the door. I opened very slow and then when I opened the door it was my neighbour jeena she had some utensils to return I took then and closed the door I again heard a voice in my bedroom I was so scared that time that I locked myself in the bathroom. After a while a started reading in the same place and again heard the door opening. I ran and closed it and locked it. After some seconds I heard my mom calling from outside the door to open the door. I opened it and there were my parents standing there. I was so happy that I hugged them. They had bought me a gift a beautiful necklace. I told my parents my story of being alone. This happened I think when I was in 5 grade so I still remember it will never forget it.
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Comments 21
sajahir Good Sajahir
Dec 13th 2017
Wania Your welcome!!😂😂 Wania
Sep 26th 2016
Wania Your welcome!! Wania
Sep 23rd 2016
Irza Tnx Wania. Irza
Aug 5th 2016
Wania Sajal and Irza you both are really funny Wania
Oct 18th 2015
Irza Hahaha SAJAL gud idea. i would hav got egg or pancake or something and WACK IT IN IT'S FACE ;WHEN IT'S BOILING HOT! Irza
Oct 4th 2015
Sajal M not scared AT ALL! The thing that I would have done was turn on the lights and hit him hard with my heelz! And Yell *MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!* Sajal
Oct 3rd 2015
Irza V.nice i think it IS pretty true because i think something like that happened to me.:) not saying i'm a scaredy cat lol.... Irza
Sep 29th 2015
Wania I feel scared when i am lonely Wania
Sep 22nd 2015
Misha Thanks for telling huda Misha
Aug 18th 2015
Aleena Darkness scares me the most! Maybe these voices are our own fear Aleena
Aug 1st 2015
Sarah Good but it's too short. Sarah
Jul 13th 2015
Sarah Good but it's too short. Sarah
Jul 13th 2015
Huda I think the figure was my shadow lol :p Huda
Jul 12th 2015
Huda Sauda Arabia misha Huda
Jul 12th 2015
shehram I am also really scared of being alone Shehram
Jul 7th 2015
Maham Nice Maham
Jul 1st 2015
Maham Nice Maham
Jul 1st 2015
Misha Which country do you live huda Khalid? Misha
Jun 29th 2015
MARYAM It must be your imagination... lol Maryam
Jun 28th 2015
Rihab Gud story.errr its rlly true?.wat were those voices? Rihab
Jun 28th 2015

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