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Amna Ahmed
Amna Ahmed
Monster From Mars
Published On Jun 26th 2015
Total Comments : 24
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No sound was to be heard expect for the screeching and squeaking of the swing as it went back and forth. i sat on it gazing up at the moon."the moon seems such a different colour today" i thought and surely the moon shone a bright yellow today. it looked very scary and time to time it hid behind black clouds and then out it came shining strangely."something is wrong with it" i said to myself and as i looked at the moon,it noe seemed to be turning red!!!.a tingle went down my spine.i was out alone in my backyard and only garage's light was on.I continued swinging but i didn't look up at moon. I kept my eyes down and stared at the grass all the time while swinging. It was soon getting late. I decided to go in the house and for the last time i glanced up at the moon. An astonishing sight awaited me. I saw something huge flying in the sky and it was coming straight towards me!! I freaked out, jumped off the swing and rushed into the garage.I slammed the door after after me and stood against it.My heart was pounding and I was sweating all over.Suddenly I heard something land in our backyard.I peeked from the Garage door and saw two shadows.i shut the door quietly and breathing was heavy.suddenly a horrific thought struck me."if they saw the garage's light they might come towards the garage!who ever they are!!" I quickly ran towards the light switch and i was about to switch it off when the garage door opened and in they stepped.
To be continued......
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Comments 24
Urooj Wonderful😘😘 Urooj
Jul 12th 2017
amna Thank you so much :) Amna
Jan 23rd 2017
amna Thank you so much :) Amna
Jan 23rd 2017
Berha So awesome Berha
Jun 27th 2016
Maida Yah i like it Maida
Mar 16th 2016
Wania Your welcome Wania
Oct 18th 2015
amna Thank you. Amna
Oct 7th 2015
Wania Good story Amna Wania
Sep 22nd 2015
manail Great story it was AWESOME keep it up :p Manail
Sep 14th 2015
amna Thanks Misha Amna
Aug 25th 2015
Misha I really liked it ! The story was very nice ! Misha
Aug 20th 2015
amna Yes Baraka i've sent the next part but it has not been approved yet,i don't know why but i hope it will approved soon. Amna
Aug 19th 2015
Aleena Have you sent the next part? Aleena
Aug 16th 2015
MARYAM Thanks Amna!! Maryam
Aug 6th 2015
amna Thanks <3 Amna
Aug 1st 2015
Aleena It's pretty amazing! Waiting for the next part impatiently! Aleena
Jul 31st 2015
sakifa YES I like it Sakifa
Jul 28th 2015
amna And Sarah and Maryam the next part is much more longer and detailed for you. Amna
Jul 19th 2015
amna Many thanks :) Amna
Jul 19th 2015
deco It was thrilling, the last part. Deco
Jul 16th 2015
Sarah Great! You have a lot of talent but if you wrote it in a more detailed way it could have been better. Sarah
Jul 13th 2015
MARYAM Yup its good but u could have made it more long Maryam
Jun 28th 2015
Nuvairah Fantastic!!! Nuvairah
Jun 28th 2015
amna Anyone like it? Amna
Jun 27th 2015

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