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Nabiha Hussiain
Nabiha Hussiain
Hala International School
Imagining Dubai Life (part 2) The Job
Published On Jun 25th 2015
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Guyz before reading this, i would prefer u reading the part 1. Ok so the job. Now we are all searching for the hotel, whose offer was in the newspaper. When we finally found the hotel, and sorry i didn’t tell u guyz the hotel's name its name was Hilton Special. So as soon as saw the hotel we hurried up to enter in. The door keeper of the hotel, his name was George. And when we were gonna enter in George is like Guyz sorry no entrance for kids. Then i was like "who r u to tell us no entrance for kids, are you blind there are kids playing inside turn your face dumb head". George says"Well excuse me young girl what i really meant was where is ur guardian/parent. U cannot enter into this amazing five star hotel without a elder person." Danyal gets really aggressive and shouts out"WE ARE ELDER I M 15.". Everyone starts gazing at us the receptionist comes running out saying "what happened". The we all say this Mr George is not letting us in the hotel. He is saying we r kids. Then the receptionist says " Haven’t we talked about this hundreds of time George? That u have to quit hating kids and start loving them and these guyz cannot be even called kids they are teenagers "! Receptionist looks at us and smiles and tells us to enter in. And when we enter just in front we see a damn HUGE aquarium. And the hotel looked so luxurious, a huge chandelier just above my head. So amazing art works just on the ground floor. We were all waiting to see the whole hotel as fast as possible. Then as soon as we turned to the receptionist to ask for the job. There was another guy who just looked like the door keeper. And i was like"Maam isnt this the guy who is the door keeper, so why is he standing hereTongue out?"The receptionist laughs and says no guyzSurprisedthere are twin brothers one is a receptionist like me and the the other one is a door keeper and his name is John and John is much better than him, he is so sweet, Talk to him and check! Sania is like hey John, Sup? John responses and says Good! How r u all? Ahmad was like "WOW,he is so better". Anyways I say we are looking for the job u guyz have offered in the newspaper. John widens his eyes and says u guyz won’t be able to do that JOB. It’s unbearable, ESPECIALLY the girls! You both will faint." Rizwan laughs and says"How hard it could be that Sania and Nabiha would faint." John says"Are you all sure,before u decide let me show u guyz the place where u have to work!CryThe place itself is unbearable! Tongue outWhen John took us to the place i was like isnt the work suppose to be inside the hotel? I ask. John responses saying no guyz U all have to work in this heat to get 50,000 each. What u have to do is u see these huge containers, these have all the garbage of the hotel(people). U have to divide them into catergories like soft, hard, disgusting and all. And when u have done that u have to smell them and keep them in two categories i.e."smellful" and "very smellful".So this u have to do." And he saw our faces blankFoot in mouth. He says Guyz any questions u didn’t understand i think u all our scared. I respond and say O we understand and we r accepting this job. As soon as i say this Ahmad Sania Rizwan Danyal Hamza............they start scolding whats the prob with u WE R NOT GONNA DO THIS DISGUSTING JOB U DO IT!!!!Guyz do u want to visti the different places in the Dubai if u want to then u have to do this! Just imagine 50,000/week. It is more than enough. And while we were all arguing, John goes and brings the document which we had to sign. John interrupts and says"Guyz,Guyz quite fighting i think Nabiha is right u should do this job becuz u r in need of money arent u all and dont u want to stay in this hotel. And for 1 night u will have to pay 5000 so dont u all need money do it or step out! They all snatch the document from John and signed in and then i snatched from them and signed in. John says i think u all r ready so lets start it now. Ok but wait i say where are we gonna sleep for two weeks? John's smile dims and says sorry guyz u have to sleep behind this hotel. There r many huts where Hobos live! U have to with them. As soon as he says this, he runs away. As soon as he runs away sania says WELL ITS ALL UR FAULT NABIHA!!! U just love to go in difficulties and do the dumb workkkkk. All is ur fault everyone says. I got real angry and said then y did u even accept the Job? Y did u sign in huh? Yell We all started to fight again. Finally Sania says What has happened has happened now let’s hope for the best and let’s Quit fighting. (so this was the AWESOME DUMB HARD JOB if u enjoyed reading this plz comment below so that i make part 3 too and tell u all what happens next)
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Comments 9
Wania Nice one Wania
Sep 22nd 2015
nabiha Oh please! Hamza u first learn spellings of words and then tell me too.... all ppl R not like u...they don't like to hurt feelings so plz shut up....and raveeha I answered ur question in part 3 Nabiha
Sep 5th 2015
raveeha Ur story is nice but i'm sorry ur tenses r horrible plz don't mind but its true n its responds not responses Raveeha
Aug 20th 2015
MARYAM No problem Nabiha!! I really like it!! Maryam
Aug 6th 2015
Hamza These all comments are fake.They all have done it not to hert you.there 2 mistakes which I have noticed 1: Your this part does not tell that this payment belongs to all or 1 I mean (50000) 2: You have typed words twice in two places. Overall a good story Hamza
Aug 4th 2015
Asma Nice story Asma
Jul 24th 2015
Dania U shold be mor stories Dania
Jul 2nd 2015
nabiha Thanks alot Maryam u made my day.............. :D Nabiha
Jun 30th 2015
MARYAM Liked it... Maryam
Jun 28th 2015

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