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Rizwan Ahmed
Rizwan Ahmed
E-complex School System
The Wooden Bowl
Published On Jun 25th 2015
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Once upon a time in a small town in Germany there lived a man called Kurt .He lived with his son Manfred and his daughter-in-law Thekla. They all shared a little old house at the end of a quiet street in the middle of the town.
Manfred was a carpenter and spent all his time in a workshop next to the house.He had learnt carpentry from his father who had been a famous carpenter in his day.Kurt had taught his son well and the son earned a good living .He made furniture for the people of the town. And from time to time he did some carving.
The young couple Manfred and Thekla had a son called Wilhelm .The boy liked to sit in the workshop and watch his father .As he grew older he helped his father by fetching and carrying things .He learnt to clean the tools and to take care of them .He learnt how to use a saw and a hammer and a chisel. And his grandfather taught him to carve wood into wonderful shapes.
The grandfather was very old now and getting older every day! He was not too strong; his eyes were dim and he could not see well .Sometimes his hands shook; and sometimes he sat in a chair and nodded off.
In the evenings when they all sat down to dinner at the table Manfred and Thekla used to get angry with the old grandfather .He was slow and clumsy .Sometimes he break a glass sometimes he dropped a spoon and sometimes he split soup on his clothes .He was an old man after all.
One day during the evening meal the old man dropped his plate on the floor .Crash! It smashed into a hundred tiny pieces and the food fell all over the place .Thekla and Manfred began to clean up the floor.But how angry they were!
After that accident they bought him a cheap wooden bowl from the market and give him his dinner in that. They made the old man sit by himself in the corner of the room to eat his food .The old man was sad.He kept quiet and did not complain.
One evening not long afterwards Thekla and Manfred had finished work for the day and were preparing the evening meal. When the meal was ready they called for Wilhelm. They looked in his room but he was not there.
'Where could that boy be?' asked Thekla.
Manfred had no idea. He asked the old man if he had seen Wilhelm but the old man shook his head.
Thekla and Manfred became a little worried. They looked out on the street but Wilhelm was not there. Then they saw a light on in the workshop.They went too look.
They stepped into the workshop and found their son sitting on the floor.He was cutting a small block of wood and working as hard as he could.
'Ah! There you are!' said Thekla.'What are you making son ?' asked Manfred.
Wilhelm put down the block of wood and the chisel.He looked up at his parents.
'I am making a wooden bowl for you to eat when you are old ' replied the boy.
The parents looked at each other.
Their eyes filled with tears.
'Come dinner is ready ' said Thekla softly. And she put her arms around her son and the three of them went back to the house.
After this Thekla and Manfred always asked the old grandfather to sit with them at table.
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Comments 15
yashfeen I had seen it in tabalu Yashfeen
Aug 11th 2016
ayesha Cheater it was in my 3 class course book Ayesha
Apr 3rd 2016
Wania This story....i had a roleplay in my school in it Wania
Mar 30th 2016
Shayan Hiba you are right he has taken this story from our class 3 book. Shayan
Oct 31st 2015
Wania Oh yes sorry Rizwan Wania
Sep 22nd 2015
Hiba This is copied this story is in my 3 class english book.Copy cat Hiba
Sep 19th 2015
Shayan I have read this story in a magazine. Shayan
Sep 5th 2015
amna How nice!! do you read this magazine regularly, Baraka?? Amna
Aug 21st 2015
MARYAM Waania, umm.. I guess rizwan was just trying to share this story with us and maybe he wanted to make us realize that nowadays our only support and trust is our parents and we shud respect our parents well!! Maryam
Aug 6th 2015
Aleena Amna,I read it in the same magazine too!! Aleena
Jul 29th 2015
Wania Nice Try to write your own story Your imagination Wania
Jul 13th 2015
amna And even the heading "The wooden bowl" is the same..... Amna
Jun 30th 2015
Tooba Nice but i have seen this story in a form of video with pictures and explanation in urdu Tooba
Jun 29th 2015
amna It is nice and touching but i also read this same story in "the intellect magazine" Amna
Jun 26th 2015
MARYAM So touching... really really nice.. Maryam
Jun 25th 2015

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