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Humayl Aslam
Humayl Aslam
Published On Jun 25th 2015
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Dear teachers and fellow students, Assalam o Alaikum. Today I will be presenting a speech on multiculturalism which refers to different people of different religions living together in a country.
What is Multiculturalism?
Multiculturalism or pluralism refers to the development of cultural range within an authority, introduced by its selection strategies and established by its settlement policies. As a descriptive term, multiculturalism refers to the selection policies that formed the growth of a specific place. The first country to adopt an official policy of multiculturalism was Canada then Australia, a country with similar immigration situations and similar policies, accepted multiculturalism.
The Advantages of Multiculturalism:
There are several advantages of multiculturalism. Living in a multicultural society with people with different traditions and outlook makes people communicate with each other. When people communicate, they share ideas and viewpoints, so everyone learns a new way to see the world or even a small thing or situation. So there is a development in an academic way. Being in a multicultural society also leads to a more open-minded population; people start to see situations from another point of view. When people are together and cooperate to the development of communication, it is promoted the respect and the tolerance between different cultures. People start to feel comfortable living and interacting with people from different countries or with different perspectives. A multicultural society also makes people being less racist and leads to an intolerance society, having a more peaceful environment.
The Disadvantages of Multiculturalism:
Multiculturalism has a few disadvantages .It helps promote incorporated efforts to help improve a culture that could be offending certain human rights or selective against people in the same culture. But while racial favoritism is decreased, the cultural identity of one culture or country could also reduce because of the influence of outside interference. Dominance in the multicultural world could also mean the phasing out of once-defined cultures existing throughout history. New ways of thinking and thought processes could also have a great influence on different cultures, which could have many driven away from their traditional beliefs.
But unfortunately in Pakistan non Muslim people are being killed and violence is continuously going on. It is not a good thing because; I studied in a Parsi school in Karachi called BVS Parsi High School. It encouraged multiculturalism as there were different religion’s people, Parsis, Hindus, Christians and Muslims. When we played and studied together it was great fun and we learned a lot so, in my opinion multiculturalism is a good thing and can help a country develop. It can also help influence and respect other people relating to different religions. Thank You.
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Comments 7
Wania Very good...awesome topic Wania
Jun 13th 2016
Darius This is a very good speech! Multicultrualism is good because different people of different cultures can interact with each-other in a more friendly way and you also get know about a new religion. Humayl I just want to correct you in one thing that you should have written 'Zoroastrians' instead of 'parsis' but it doesnt actually matter that much. Darius
Nov 24th 2015
Kulsoom Hmm..very nice!! :) Kulsoom
Jul 30th 2015
Beenish Gud Beenish
Jul 27th 2015
erum Superb speech! Brilliant Theme. Humayl. Keep on writing & sharing. All the best! Erum Erum
Jun 26th 2015
Maryam Nyc topic......:) Maryam
Jun 25th 2015
Humayl How is the article? Humayl
Jun 25th 2015

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