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Zoya Irfan
Zoya Irfan
Published On Jun 25th 2015
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1. What has a lot of holes but can hold a lot of water?
2. When you cut me you weep beside me .What am I
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Comments 30
Amna Sponge n onion Amna
Jan 3rd 2017
HAFSA Sponge and onion Hafsa
Jun 6th 2016
Muhammad Shees The first answer is sponge and the second is onion. Muhammad Shees
May 27th 2016
Berha Sponge and onion so easy and i didn't read the comments!!!! Berha
Apr 8th 2016
Wafa I have read both of the riddles before the first is supposed to be like this 1. i have holes on my right & left top & bottom but i can still hold water what am i ? 2. you use a knife to slice my head then weep beside me when i am dead what am i that's much like a riddle Wafa
Jan 18th 2016
Wajeeha Masood Good riddles Wajeeha Masood
Jan 9th 2016
Wajeeha Masood 1.sponge 2.onion Wajeeha Masood
Dec 31st 2015
Ghasfa Sponge Ghasfa
Nov 29th 2015
Irza Zoya u know my dad's name is Irfan tooo!!!! Irza
Nov 8th 2015
Mahrukh Good riddle Mahrukh
Sep 19th 2015
zoya Hey maryam who ever u r i respect u --------2nd it was a comment for misal rao-----------3rd u rather keep your comments with u bcause i hate fighting with someone and it was my own try----------thanku Zoya
Sep 18th 2015
Sep 16th 2015
raveeha 1.sponge 2.onion Raveeha
Aug 20th 2015
Ghania Sponge and onion Ghania
Aug 5th 2015
Abdullah 1.Sponge 2.Onion Abdullah
Jul 26th 2015
Beenish Sponge and onion Beenish
Jul 17th 2015
Rana Sponge Rana
Jul 15th 2015
zuha 1.sponge....OBVIOUSLY 2.onions Zuha
Jul 14th 2015
amna Okkkk Amna
Jul 14th 2015
zoya Not maybe yes now i dont know if you remember class4g moring assembely in which i asked some riddels Zoya
Jul 14th 2015
zoya Not maybe yes now i dont know if you remember class4g moring assembely in which i asked some riddels Zoya
Jul 14th 2015
Huda 1.sponge 2.onoin Huda
Jul 13th 2015
amna Ok maybe Amna
Jul 13th 2015
zoya No amna i just remembered my class 4 riddels Zoya
Jul 13th 2015
amna From internet Amna
Jul 12th 2015
zoya Yes correct and thank you for your answers and yes i will try my self as well Zoya
Jul 11th 2015
Tooba Sponge then onion Tooba
Jul 9th 2015
youshaa Not very good I knew the answer as soon as I saw the question Youshaa
Jul 3rd 2015
Maryam 1.sponge 2.onion it was pretty nice Maryam
Jun 27th 2015
Rihab First answer is sponge second is onion.make sumthing urself next time plzzzzzzzzzzzzzz Rihab
Jun 25th 2015

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