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Amna Ali
Amna Ali
Published On Jun 25th 2015
Total Comments : 31
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Comments 31
Zainab Yes it is on google. I saw it. Zainab
Jan 15th 2018
Hadia* BEAUTIFUL Hadia*
Jan 1st 2018
Aiza OMG Anna you are the biggest liar and cheater ever.First you cheated and when someone told that u pasted it.You lied.You should be ashamed of yourself.😠😠😠😠 Aiza
Jul 16th 2017
amna Thnks Amna
Feb 24th 2017
Wania It must be drawn by herself.. Awesome work! Wania
Jan 8th 2017
zoya Actually i know her very well as she is my class mate but u know she gave me such a beautiful birthday card maded by herself and immpressed everyone and its a true Zoya
Sep 24th 2015
Eman Thanks Amna to accept my request. Eman
Aug 31st 2015
Eman Wow it is very nice Eman
Aug 25th 2015
amna Heyy!!! this drawing is a cheat too!!! Zoya u r sooo rite!! here's how to find this is a cheat. right click the pic and select "search google for this image" :p i'm really sorry to say this but Amna Ali if people appreciate your fake drawings then you should have enough courage to tell them that this is not drawn by you. sorry :( Amna
Aug 20th 2015
amna Thnx Amna
Aug 7th 2015
Hadia* AWESOME H Hadia*
Aug 6th 2015
hanna Wow its very nice. Hanna
Aug 5th 2015
amna Thnx Amna
Jul 16th 2015
amna Yup an amazing talentttttttt Amna
Jul 15th 2015
amna Thnku thnku irza .. Amna
Jul 15th 2015
amna Thnks Amna
Jul 15th 2015
Irza You have such an amaaaazing talent! Irza
Jul 14th 2015
amna Ok! Amna
Jul 14th 2015
zoya Okay yar ,i must be wrong bcz i saw it on internet when i was dolphin pics Zoya
Jul 13th 2015
amna Awesome zoya u r wrong it doesnt seem to be internet actually Amna
Jul 12th 2015
amna Yes but i saw it and made like that Amna
Jul 11th 2015
amna No zoyaaaaaaaaaa Amna
Jul 11th 2015
zoya You know this also an other pic from internet Zoya
Jul 11th 2015
amna Rihab by hand Amna
Jul 6th 2015
Rihab Did u make on comp or by hand? :) Rihab
Jul 5th 2015
amna Thnx yes i am an artist Amna
Jul 4th 2015
Haifa Wow..... nice!! Haifa
Jul 3rd 2015
duaa Wow wonderful you are a great artist sis Duaa
Jul 3rd 2015
amna Thnx amna i like u amna Amna
Jul 3rd 2015
amna It is nice drawing, isnt it? guysss?? Amna
Jul 1st 2015
amna Dolphin!! how i love you!! Amna
Jul 1st 2015

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