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Amna Ali
Amna Ali
My Art Work.. A Birthday Card By Me To My Mother
Published On Jun 25th 2015
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Comments 51
amna Added .. Amna
Apr 27th 2016
Berha PLZ add me Amna Ali Berha
Apr 8th 2016
Maryam Wonderful!!!!! Maryam
Mar 29th 2016
amna Thank you so much! You are Magar Much Amna
Feb 23rd 2016
amna Thank you so much! You are Magar Much Amna
Feb 23rd 2016
amna Thank you so much! You are Magar Much Amna
Feb 23rd 2016
Binte LOVE IT Binte
Dec 21st 2015
Wania Very nice......I think u worked really hard to make this card for your mother😉😉😉 Wania
Nov 14th 2015
Shayan Amazing work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Shayan
Oct 31st 2015
zoya And all of u others u are not supposed too make her bound to say sorry or be rude just tell her once. if she likes to go to straight path she will go herself she dosent need our instructions or help Zoya
Sep 24th 2015
zoya See amna i was the 1st person to tell u and know even your friends are saying u dont have too leave but admit your mistake and learn from your mistakes for a good future.well being a friend it is my duty to guide u to straight as u wish u can do i have done my duty and dont become angry on this comment or on small issues Zoya
Sep 24th 2015
Sep 5th 2015
Rihab Just bcuz u were new does not mean u have to lie.i dont feel responsible for u leaving vzhine. amna and i tried to help u but your not cooperating. lets not argue anymore. and anyway, as i said,i feel friendly with everyone Rihab
Sep 1st 2015
Rihab Ok ok Rihab
Sep 1st 2015
amna Rihab i thought u r my friend and u r the reason to leave................ so sorry to say first check ur own things i told u i havent done it by my self this was by mistake .. repeating it again i was new ii didnt knew wht to do ... yes its a lie but i didnt do it by my self Amna
Aug 30th 2015
Rihab Ok.........????? who is making u leave.........? dont u have fun on Vshine, and anyway its alright if u be honest and stay anyone who is disliking u bcuz u told lies is an idiot. well, if u dont wanna stay than its ur choice. : Rihab
Aug 28th 2015
amna Have to leave Amna
Aug 27th 2015
Rihab Amna ali we are not asking u to leave,and u shouldnt! vshine is great, but lying is wrong okay?? dont leave amna ali we are all friends here even if ur not on the buddy list. Rihab
Aug 22nd 2015
amna I hate u amna ths wrong wht u have done yup i know its not by me but i was newwwwwwwwwww.. u dont understand and most probably i shud leave Amna
Aug 21st 2015
amna Look Amna Ali we are not asking you to leave vshine. stay here, post your stuff but be honest about it, okay? Being honest will not get you a lot of friends, but it will always get you the right ones.:) i hope you understand..... Amna
Aug 20th 2015
amna Ok ok but i was new i didnt knew tht we have to make our own drawings or copy paste it . so sorry and im leaving v shine ada happy? all ov u will be happy Amna
Aug 19th 2015
ADA Plz amna stop lieing.... i am not rude but i just want to tell u that sarah and amna are right caz if u write paper quilling birthday cards its the first picture Ada
Aug 14th 2015
amna I also saw this same card on internet. I can also make this card if i look at the picture on the internet and take the idea. but there are supposed to be some changes. the writing on the internet and on this card are the can this happen?? i can't help but wonder too now, that you pasted it from internet. i'm sorry but i have to agree with Sarah. Amna
Aug 7th 2015
amna No no its true because i got the idea from internet but i made it from my hands,...... believe me....... Amna
Jul 17th 2015
Sarah Amna, this picture is from the internet. I know because I searched paper quilling birthday cards and in the results I found the same card? Is this a coincedent? I don't think so. Amna one lie leads to another. We should never lie or cheat. It is a sin. Keep that in mind and adopt the habit of being honest. Sarah
Jul 16th 2015
amna All ov my things r stuck for approval ... admin quickly approve plzzzz Amna
Jul 14th 2015
amna Thnx amna irza ok i will add u Amna
Jul 13th 2015
Irza Guys if ur talking about freinds im new to Vshine could u plz add me? Irza
Jul 13th 2015
amna Omg ... i luv it make 1 for me plz Amna
Jul 12th 2015
amna Yup i also saw on internet and again by looking at tht i made a birthday card by myself Amna
Jul 11th 2015
amna No zoya Amna
Jul 11th 2015
zoya You no what i saw it on internet by writing paper quilling happy birthday card Zoya
Jul 11th 2015
zoya Amna i know you very well very naughty i gusse you have pasted from internet Zoya
Jul 11th 2015
amna I hv complain of v shine, tht there shud be a private chat box, no approval shud be there nd it shud be shown tht whose available Amna
Jul 9th 2015
amna Yup........... i want them to be published soon for u guys Amna
Jul 9th 2015
Rihab Ya even my pictures and artice are not getting published......i wonder why? Rihab
Jul 9th 2015
amna Many of my drawing,jokes n stories are send for approval but they r not coming from a week , idnt knw y the admin is not approving i wanted to show you yr Amna
Jul 7th 2015
amna Ok guys u both are added wid me .... Amna
Jul 7th 2015
duaa Thanks rihab and i also send you friend request actually i changed my settings so it has been send for approval !!!!! Duaa
Jul 6th 2015
amna Hey i added you duaa Amna
Jul 6th 2015
Rihab Duaa i sent u a friend request :) Rihab
Jul 5th 2015
amna Yes offcourse Amna
Jul 4th 2015
Rihab Yeah sure Duaa Rihab
Jul 4th 2015
duaa Wanna be my friend amna ali and rihab Duaa
Jul 3rd 2015
amna Thnx amna Amna
Jul 3rd 2015
amna Excellent work Amna
Jul 1st 2015
amna Thnx to evry 1 and my friends duaa and rihab... like u Amna
Jun 30th 2015
duaa Awesome no words to describe just perfect :) <3 Duaa
Jun 29th 2015
amna Thnx Amna
Jun 28th 2015
Jun 28th 2015
Rihab 1derful work Rihab
Jun 25th 2015

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