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Kanza Rehan
Kanza Rehan
Beaconhouse School System
Making A Difference
Published On Jun 25th 2015
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Ever wonder what it’s like to be Bill Gates, living in his mansion full of fun gadgets? Or Neil Armstrong when he took the first step on the moon. Who’s it going to be?
Well this may sound strange but I would rather trade lives with someone who is homeless, living his life on the footpaths. Working just enough to feed himself and his family so they won’t die of starvation, barely surviving in this cruel world. Then I could see what their life is like and how it got that way. I would live my life without all the luxuries and comfort so that I’ll learn how to be thankful and won’t take all the blessings and bounties of God for granted. I know I’m no different than anyone on this planet. We’re all human after all. And sure I’d love to have all the fame and money which celebrities have. But money and notoriety are just only factors that would change. So I’d like to make a difference. I would like that poor beggar to enjoy what I have instead of living on the foot path, while I gain inspiration by living his life. I would love to live on the footpath if it meant that I would be able to give someone the pleasure of enjoying one day of my life. I would hope my experience would plant seeds of hope that would inspire him not to give up.
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Comments 6
Urooj Good🤗 Urooj
Jul 11th 2017
Wania Great job Wania
Jun 13th 2016
Maryam *********U r right ************* Maryam
Aug 20th 2015
deco Nice Deco
Aug 6th 2015
Kulsoom Thumbs Up! Kulsoom
Jul 27th 2015
Maryam :) Maryam
Jun 25th 2015

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