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Kanza Rehan
Kanza Rehan
Beaconhouse School System
Published On Jun 25th 2015
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Modern technology has affected our lives so much that we find it really hard to live without it. Therefore, by being so accustomed to constant activity it is really difficult for us to relax and do nothing. We spend long hours using computers and mobile phones, but this is really harmful for us as cell phones transmit harmful radiations into our brains and spending long hours using computers results un painful fingers and wrists. As people seem to be really impatient nowadays they prefer travelling by aero planes and even though it consumes less travel time, it leads to the feeling of being jet lagged. Motor cars are also used to shorten travel time, but increases the amount of roads being built and also air pollution. Modern inventions have speed up people lives and have freed them from slow boring lives that their ancestors led. Working in factories is much easier thanks to technology as machines now perform the dull and repetitive tasks which once were done by human hands.
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Jun 13th 2016

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