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Samir Mustafa
Samir Mustafa
Wisdomhouse School
Queen Of Ofa (part 1)
Published On Jun 25th 2015
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A woman was once a queen of OFA, A beautiful country. The queen was very beautiful although her behaviour was not very good to her servants and she was also very greedy. She had blue eyes and her  hair was golden. She loved to brush her hair.Her name was Lorraine. But things were not always same for this lady When she was an ordinary woman she was very good and her behavior was also very good to her parents and other country dwellers.One day a man married her his name was Chris.He was a brown bearded man his eyes were light green. One day the king announced that his daughter has gone somewhere without telling anyone.Anyone who will find her will be the next king or queen or princess of the palace after me and my family.The king behaved very badly with his wife and her wife also hated him because he always treated her unfairly.So yeah chris decided to go on a quest to find the king’s daughter.First he went to the forest he tried to find her but he failed.When he was tired he stopped beside a pine tree there was also a lake beside the pine tree he drank some water from the lake he drank water and was fully refreshed.Suddenly an idea struck into his mind.He thought that he had tried to find king’s daughter in forest but he couldn’t so why doesn’t he go in caves and try to find her that can help him.So he went to the most nearby caves to the lake he went to first cave,he tried to find king’s daughter there but he couln’t so he moved on and found king’s daughter in 2nd cave.But she was asleep.He tried to wake her up but it looked like she will not get up.Suddenly a man appeared there he was kind of a YOGI BABA.He wasn’t wearing a shirt and he had three white stripes on his face.Chris asked that man”What has gone wrong with her?why isn’t she waking up? The man said”She has gone into a long dream where she is being mentally tortured a man whose name is Rambo is being very cruel to her and many other people.She can only come back if you will go from the time machine to rescue her from her dream but to open time machine you have to answer three riddles if they will be correct so it will allow you to go in it.But if you answered anyone of it wrong so it will take you also in a big dream!Just like your friend.I  am giving you one day go and practice many riddles for your dear friend.”So Chris went to the palace to the king and told him the whole story the king was very shocked to hear this.He said to Chris”Please save my daughter her life is just in your hands.”the king begged to Chris.King said to”Go study all the riddle books and many other things.Chris studied the whole day and was ready for any question of the time machine.So Chris went to the same cave and he was amazed to see that the Yogi Baba hasn’t moved from his place he was just sitting on that place where he last saw him.Chris went to the Yogi Baba and said”Now tell me where is the time machine I will solve any riddle  of that time machine”with a sparkle a machine appeared it was grey in colour and there was a big circle behind the time machine whih was filled with purple light.There were also 3 places for putting the key in it.Chris ran towards the time machine but Yogi Baba stopped him from his magical power and said”Here is the time machine to go in this time machine you have to answer 3 riddles you will get one key after solving a correct riddle.Then you will put it in the key hole.After you will put all the three keys in this key hole you can easily go to in the time machine.
Next Part to Be Continued..........................
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Comments 4
Sarah Awesome Sarah
Jul 16th 2015
Wania Good Wania
Jul 13th 2015
amna Nice.... Amna
Jun 27th 2015
shehram Nice story Shehram
Jun 25th 2015

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