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Samir Mustafa
Samir Mustafa
Wisdomhouse School
Queen Of Ofa Part 2
Published On Jun 25th 2015
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So your riddle no.1 is:
1. Which creature walks on four legs in the morning, two legs in the afternoon, and three legs in the evening?
Chris was shocked to answer the riddle because he didn’t know the answer.
He decided to think this riddle by his mind,then suddenly an answer struck into his mind he took the name of god and answered:
Man. He crawls on all fours as a baby, then walks on two feet as an adult, and then walks with a cane as an old man.
CORRECT! Said the Yogi Baba with an unhappy smile. Here is your first key go and put it in the keyhole.Chris put the key in the keyhole and the time machine opened.”You have only got 1 correct that’s why it has just opened you cannot go inside right now first you have to answer the second one also correct.So your next riddle is:
What is as light as a feather, but even the world's strongest man couldn't hold it for more than a minute?
Chris also didn’t knew the answer of this.He decided to answer this riddle also from his mind.He took the name of god and answered
Yogi Baba was fully shocked to see that Chris has done something so amazing that no man has ever done.CORRECT! said Yogi Baba.He gave him the second key.Chris put the second key in the keyhole nothing changed but Yogi Baba told him you can go in it but it will not take you anywhere until you will answer the third riddle correctly.So your third riddle is,it will be very difficult because it also has got a big key:
There are a few trees in a garden. On one of them, a pear tree, there are pears (quite logical). But after a strong wind blew, there were neither pears on the tree nor on the ground.
How come?
Chris started to think what to answer.Then Finally he took the name of god three times and answered:
At first, there were 2 pears on the tree. After the wind blew, one pear fell on the ground. So there were no pears on the tree and there were no pears on the ground.
CORRECT!That was spectacularly amazing said Yogi Baba with an expression like he was just going to cry.He gave Chris the third key which was big enough to handle for Chris.
Chris was very happy he just couldn’t believe himself that he answered these riddles correctly.So finally he stepped in the time machine and the time machine took him to a very strange place.There was a big lake of FIRE!!!Chris didn’t know what to do.Then he noticed that whoever comes here is trapped in this lake because he saw many other people like this they were just floating in a big box made of wood.But Chris wasn’t trapped in the box because he had come there after answering the riddles.Suddenly a sorcerer appeared in front of him.He said to Chris welcome Chris welcome!Have you come to find king’s daughter?”Yes!Yes!I Have come here to take her back!Are you Rambo?Asked Chris”Yes My name is Rambo and the girl who you are finding,Her name is Anne.said Rambo.”Please give her back to me.Begged Chris.”Sorry!I can only give her back if you will play a game with me.said Rambo.”What!Have you gone nuts!Ok tell me what kind of game?asked Chris.”That’s my boy!Ok the game is like this!There are total 50 boxes here and I will give you a big bunch of keys and you will have only three chances to open the correct box in which Anne is.You only have 5 minutes to do this thing.Anyone who you will find out from any box will go back with you in your real world.So the decision depends on you”Said Rambo”OH GOD!Ok but how will I reach to any of the box?asked Chris.”Don’t worry I will put all the boxes on the shore of this lake.said Rambo.”Ok now give me the keys.said Chris.Rambo gave Chris the bunch of 50 keys.”So your time starts now!”Said Rambo.First Chris decided to open the 26th box because it was his lucky number.He Opened it but was unable to find Anne in it.There was a very old man.His clothes were badly torn and his face was very big.Chris said the old man to stand in a side.Then Chris decided to open the number 18th because it was his birth date.But he was unable to find Anne also in it.There was a little girl and she had a red ball in her hand but she was wearing good clothes.Then Chris decided to open the 12th box because it was the birth date of OFA his country.He opened the box and found Anne in that box he was so happy that he couldn’t believe what he has done.Anne was a beautiful girl with blonde golden hair.She was wearing beautiful clothes.Rambo gave a very unhappy smile to Chris.”You can take these three people and go back to your world.”said Rambo”Thank you”said Chris.Then he opened the time machine and went back through it in his own world.
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Comments 4
jasmine Nice but there wes a similar story in vshine magazine called "The Revenge" Jasmine
Oct 29th 2016
Wania Awesome Wania
Sep 24th 2015
Aleena This is amazing!! Aleena
Jul 29th 2015
amna Happy ending...:) Amna
Jun 27th 2015

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