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Kanza Rehan
Kanza Rehan
Beaconhouse School System
Parts Of Speech
Published On Jun 25th 2015
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Every name is called a Noun,
A Field and Fountain, Street or Town.
In place of noun the Pronoun stands,
As He and She can clap their hands.
The Adjectives describes a thing,
As Magic wand or Bridal ring.
The Verbs mean action, something done,
to Read or Write, to Jump and Run.
How things are done the Adverbs tell,
As Quickly, Slowly, Badly and Well.
The Prepositions show relations,
As In the street or At the station.
Conjunctions join in many ways,
Sentences, word Or lines And phrase.
The Interjections cries out Hark!
I need an exclamation mark.
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Comments 7
Berha Cheating the real poem is well I will give u just the link Berha
Jun 2nd 2017
Berha Purfect Berha
Apr 22nd 2016
Saqifa Nice Saqifa
Oct 28th 2015
Wania Amazing Wania
Sep 26th 2015
Maha Great Maha
Jul 28th 2015
Asma What an awesome poem! Asma
Jul 28th 2015
duaa Nice Duaa
Jul 26th 2015

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