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Maha Ahmad
Maha Ahmad
A Haunted House (part 1)
Published On Jun 25th 2015
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Once there was a lady who owns a big house. It was a gift from her wealthy husband who died in an accident .She was so depressed that she make a cemetery near her house . she use to visit his cemetery every day she used to talk to it. Then suddenly she died .Her dead was a mystery no one knew how she died it has been as I told u earlier it has been a mystery .Oh! I just forgot she had one daughter who was very young at that time. She was 12 and was born with special powers :Like she can see the creatures and talk to them that no other can do Just like her mother . She was 6 when her father died she was sad at the first day but after that she was happy because she can talk to her father as her mother was hurt. she said to her thatMom! Dad is missing you.and her mom use to say I know baby.I know” .`then why you are crying”. I am crying because your father ….. wants me.”said her mother in sad voice . “Then go Mom” I cannot leave you my darling.said her mother. The girl became sad and after 2 days of the incident her mother..
To Be Continued…..
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Comments 13
Irza Just saying.................. Irza
Nov 9th 2015
Irza That could've been a very interesting story if u fixed the grammar mistakes and made it more detailed. Irza
Nov 5th 2015
Maha Ok thnx Maha
Aug 2nd 2015
Aleena Looking forward to your best! Aleena
Jul 30th 2015
Maha Thnx for u r advice baraka and i will improve but this was not the story i want to upload but i just did it ..... but i will try to explain more in next part Maha
Jul 30th 2015
Aleena Shehram's right. It isn't that bad. Maybe we'll see the next part in an improved version. An advice: Please don't sum up the story quickly. Just try to explain things :) Aleena
Jul 29th 2015
Maha Zoya i will sent u the next part and thanx guyz for reading my stories i am good at something Maha
Jul 28th 2015
mahrukh Waiting for 2nd part what an interesting story Mahrukh
Jul 28th 2015
Wania Interesting story Wania
Jul 13th 2015
zoya Please maha do send me a friend request I will be very thank ful Zoya
Jul 12th 2015
zoya Very nice story and i cant wait for 2nd part Zoya
Jul 12th 2015
amna What happens next??? Amna
Jun 26th 2015
shehram Its not bad , a bit interesting Shehram
Jun 25th 2015

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