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Fajr Omair Mirza
Fajr Omair Mirza
Usman Public School System
A Friend In Need Is A Friend (part 1)
Published On Jun 25th 2015
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Once there lived a boy named Peter. He lived with his mother in a small cottage.They were very poor and his mother could only afford some clothes and a little food everyday.One day he was walking through the streets he saw a boy of his age standing at the doorstep of his house.He was a good looking boy with rosy cheeks and curly hair.Peter liked him.The boy saw Peter and called to him.Usually Peter was shy but there was something in his voice that he wanted to go and talk to him. He went and the boy told him his name was Aslam.The two boys talked and soon became best friends.Aslam's father gave Peter's mother a job and offerd a large sum of money for that job.At home she told Peter that he was lucky to have a really good friend.She told him that many people had bad friends that lead them to bad things.She also told him not to lose a good friend.They always help you in some way.
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Comments 7
Fajr Omair I have sent next part already but it hasn't come in yet. wait please if it doesn't come ill write it again Fajr Omair
Mar 5th 2017
sajahir Plz send the next part Sajahir
Nov 23rd 2016
Wania Thankx for adding me up Wania
Oct 18th 2015
Wania Plzz add me fajr Wania
Oct 6th 2015
Fajr Omair I have written the story.It will come soon. Fajr Omair
Jul 14th 2015
Wania It is a friend in need is a friend indeed You did not wrote the whole title Wania
Jul 13th 2015
amna Next part? Amna
Jun 26th 2015

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