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Faiza  Ahmed
Faiza Ahmed
Pakistan Int'l School Jeddah
Peshawar Bleeds
Published On Jun 25th 2015
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Comments 21
Pariwish Good Pariwish
Jan 1st 2016
Wania Your welcome Wania
Mar 5th 2016
Dec 25th 2015
Wania sad....for the ones who died for no reason may Allah shower his blessings upon them and they would live in peace(AMEEN) Wania
Nov 14th 2015
Irza This is true:My relative died in this. Anyone who goes to Army Public should know Ma'm Andaleep her son Irza
Nov 12th 2015
Shayan Love it Shayan
Oct 31st 2015
duaa What happened at left Duaa
Jul 17th 2015
duaa Most emotional paragraph Mujhe Jana Para Hai Par Mera Bhai Karey Ga Ab, Mai Jitna Na Parha Wo Sub Mera Bhai Parhey Ga Ab! Abhi Baba Bhi Baaqi Han Kahan Tak Ja Sako Ge Tum, Abhi Wada Raha Tum Se Yahan Na Aa Sako Ge Tum! Bara Dushman Bana Phirta Hai Jo Bachon Se Larta Hai! Bara Dushman Bana Phirta Hai Jo Bachon Se Larta Hai! Most emotional LINE Jahan Tum Choomti Thi Maan, Wahan Tak Agaya Tha Wo! Duaa
Jul 17th 2015
amna Hmmm amazing nd emotional song evr Amna
Jul 15th 2015
Irza Great drawing! still don"t know why they had to suffer! Irza
Jul 13th 2015
Faiza Yah just love this song Faiza
Jul 7th 2015
Faiza Thnx all of uh Faiza
Jul 7th 2015
duaa Ya so emotional song and especially last paragraph ;-( Duaa
Jul 3rd 2015
amna Have you listen to the song? Amna
Jul 3rd 2015
Fatima Well done Fatima
Jul 1st 2015
amna Speechless.........;( nice drawing though Amna
Jul 1st 2015
Faiza Thnx all of uh Faiza
Jun 29th 2015
amna Nice.. Amna
Jun 28th 2015
duaa I love it and it's song bara dushman last paragraph so emotional Duaa
Jun 28th 2015
Rihab Drawing is good,but what does the written stuff mean? Rihab
Jun 27th 2015
eman Very good Eman
Jun 27th 2015

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