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Beenish Saeed
Beenish Saeed
Lahore Grammar School
A Ride In A Carpet
Published On Jun 25th 2015
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Jane was a student. Jane lived at the most quiet street in the city which was 55 Avenue. Her friends used to make fun of her and they never appreciated her work. Jane's life turned into a prison because her parents were journalists and they never gave time to Jane. Jane had no brother or sister. Jane wanted to read a book she saw an old dusty book, she opened the book and she saw an amulet and information about the uses of the flying carpet. Jane wore that amulet and suddenly a red carpet appeared Jane sat on it and suddenly the carpet begins to fly. Jane flew over many countries! "This carpet is so fast it took me over Paris, Buckingham and Russia," said Jane. When Jane reached Egypt she took out her camera and took pictures of pyramids and tombs of mummies. Jane sat on the carpet and requested it to take her home. The carpet took her home and she told this all to her parents but they did not believe her. Jane put the amulet back in the book and put the book back in the shelf. Jane called her friends to tell this adventure to them but she did not know that they would not believe her.
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Comments 10
Wania Welcome!!😊 Wania
Sep 26th 2016
Beenish I really appreciate your comments and suggestions. Thank you for liking and commenting. Beenish
Dec 15th 2015
Wania Good story Wania
Sep 22nd 2015
Mahnoor Nice Mahnoor
Jul 29th 2015
Beenish Thank you for commenting Beenish
Jul 16th 2015
Fajr Omair It is nice Fajr Omair
Jul 14th 2015
Sarah If you gave short descriptions about every country and maybe the things Jane saw there it would be alot better. Still I like it. Sarah
Jul 13th 2015
Beenish Please comment my story:) Beenish
Jul 9th 2015
Beenish It had to be began Beenish
Jun 26th 2015
Beenish It had to be began Beenish
Jun 26th 2015

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