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Beenish Saeed
Beenish Saeed
Lahore Grammar School
A Time In Bookland
Published On Jun 25th 2015
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Brittany was always busy in reading books. She imagined the whole story as she went on reading. Her parents lived with her in an apartment in Australia. Her life became lonely because her parents went to work every day she was left alone in the house. One night, When Brittany was sleeping she heard a strange noise from the cellar. Brittany woke up and went down to the cellar, she saw a red portal! There was an elf standing beside Brittany, "Hello Brittany! Welcome to Bookland!" said the elf. Brittany jumped in the portal and she saw a land full of greenery and everywhere were bookshelves full of books! "Where am I?", asked Brittany. The elf answered Brittany that they are in Bookland. Brittany jumped in joy and begins to search the bookland. "Just think of a book and the book will appear in your hand!” said the elf. Brittany thought of David Copperfield. And suddenly the book appeared in the hands of Brittany. "Remember you have one night to read all your desirable books," said the elf. Brittany begins to read the book but she forgot that she had only one night. "Time to leave!" said the elf. Brittany put the book on a log beside her and jumped in the portal and she returned home.
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Comments 12
Beenish Thank you Manail:) I wrote the next part but it did not save on my laptop. Beenish
Feb 10th 2017
manail I love your stories Manail
Oct 9th 2016
Beenish Thanks for commenting and suggesting. Beenish
Dec 15th 2015
Wania Welcome Wania
Oct 18th 2015
Beenish Thank you for commenting Beenish
Jul 16th 2015
Wania Nice Wania
Jul 13th 2015
Sarah Good. Sarah
Jul 13th 2015
amna Brittany is a cute name. Amna
Jun 30th 2015
Beenish I am thinking how to get ideas for the next part Beenish
Jun 27th 2015
amna It is good but is there a next part or this is it? Amna
Jun 26th 2015
Beenish It had to be began Beenish
Jun 26th 2015
Beenish It had to be began Beenish
Jun 26th 2015

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