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Munib Rahman
Munib Rahman
Springfield School
The Haunted Floor
Published On Jun 13th 2015
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April 2015

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A Short Note:
Look, friends. First of all I would like to tell u all that this is not a joke or just a story. These types of things happen nowadays too, and even though many people do not believe it this is actually true as I experienced it firsthand.
STORY: I live in a small flat in the city Karachi, Pakistan. Our flat is much the same as other ordinary flats except there is one thing that disturbs our peaceful flat. There is a rumour in our flat about a girl who lived a miserable life on the top floor of the seventh block in our flat. (Our flat is divided into seven blocks)Her parents died at the age of 20. She, driven mad by her parent’s ill-treatment and strict control imposed on her, committed suicide by running her head into the back wall of our flat and then being run over by a car.
After this horrific accident, a rumour spread that the poor mad girl’s spirit resided in the wall and in that house, tormenting whoever came near. This was further provoked after many people reported chills up their spines and fear while walking near the wall. Furthermore, story was backed by another which reported that while living in the house the people witnessed horrific illusions and experienced uneasiness and a feeling of being watched. They also had an uneasy sleep with nightmares, all showing about the torture’s the girl had to endure. These unhappy people either left the house or lived with dreaming about these nightmares, going mad and committed suicide. Others boldly stayed there, determined not to move soon died mysteriously. People thought it was a coincidence but they could shut their eyes against it no longer after the death of brave Mr. Smith. He lived there alone. He had a dream that he was hanging from the ceiling with the words stay away carved on his forehead. He ignored the warning and was found by some visitors in that position some days later. After that the house was shut down and soon people in our flat forgot all about and lived peacefully…………  
Before this incident it was a common rule amongst us boys that at night we would all come out and play. That night, someone suggested we should play hide and seek on the seventh block. We agreed. We had heard about the famous ‘Mr. Smith story’, as we called it, but as nothing had happened recently, we ignored the warning. But that night we paid the price.
Ahmad, a fearless boy of 16 was chosen the first ‘seeker’. The rest of us hid in one group on the second highest floor outside someone’s door. Fayzan stealthily came to our floor but did not see us. But he thought he saw someone standing on the top floor. He went to the top and we all looked from our places, cursing the idiot who had decided to hide on the top all alone. Fayzan grabbed his shoulder and started shouting ‘ampress! Ampress!’  The ‘boy’ whipped around and we saw it was a girl. Her face was covered with blood stains and she had a gash through her skull. She had long nails and her face-an evil, horrifying looking face-lit up with a most venomous smile! Seeing her we all gave a scream and rushed out of the block while behind us we could hear the mad cackling of the witch. Ahmad was weeping and we all rushed home as soon as we got out. That was the last time we ever visited that place but kept a reasonable distance. The peace in our flat was once again disrupted.
THE END……..         
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Comments 33
Asbaat Ali Woow... it looks real... Asbaat Ali
Sep 29th 2016
Irza Tnx so so soooo much ayesha! Irza
Aug 1st 2016
Wafa Amazing story and well presented but again is really true Wafa
Jun 25th 2016
ayesha hi I am a new member on vshine . I always read vshine and know most of you, specially Irza and Beenish, nice to met u all. By the way nice and scary story Ayesha
Apr 3rd 2016
Khadija Well its a little exaggerated. But generally its good and scary! Khadija
Dec 2nd 2015
Fatima SSo scary Fatima
Nov 15th 2015
Sarah Irza Mr Smith as not only muslims live in pak or maybe he did not know the name Sarah
Nov 2nd 2015
yumna I like this story very much u should be the winner Yumna
Oct 25th 2015
Nabiha It is very scary by the way nice Nabiha
Oct 20th 2015
nabiha In which flat do u lived cuz i heard this rumor also about ma flat Nabiha
Oct 3rd 2015
Taskeen It is really scary Taskeen
Sep 30th 2015
Ahmed Is this really happened to you and your friends... That's some kind of scary.....nice scary...kind of real Ahmed
Sep 24th 2015
Beenish Did you experience it or are you experiencing it you have written live in a small flat Beenish
Sep 10th 2015
Beenish Scary but is it true? Nice story Beenish
Sep 8th 2015
Habiba It can't be true a house can't be haunted sorry but I don't believe in your story and its not real I know it isn't. Habiba
Sep 6th 2015
Habiba So awsome Habiba
Sep 6th 2015
munib Well no one was really sure of his name u know he was really secluded Munib
Sep 4th 2015
Aug 22nd 2015
aeman Nice' Aeman
Aug 10th 2015
munib Thanks Munib
Aug 5th 2015
Aleena Ok.. like others, I am confused by the reality of the story. Is it true? If yes then If I were in your place, I would've died! Lol. Anyway, you presented it in an awesome way! Aleena
Jul 29th 2015
Rida Good one keep it up Rida
Jul 23rd 2015
munib Thank you Munib
Jul 22nd 2015
Fatima Congrats and is this story true if its true then welldone may Allah bless you and your parents Fatima
Jul 21st 2015
munib Ok i admit that i exageratted the story of the girl but apart from that its real Munib
Jul 20th 2015
munib Thanks Munib
Jul 20th 2015
Wania Really scary Wania
Jul 12th 2015
Tooba Ummmmm if the condition of the flat is like this why are you guys not leaving and why isn,t the flat being closed look i am not fighting but i am just confused in it and in an another thing that quran tells that there are jinn but not churails (witch) again i am not fighting Tooba
Jun 29th 2015
amna Wow!! experiencing something like that. Amna
Jun 27th 2015
munib Look here amna and shehram if u think this is a fake let me tell u this is real i experienced it in my flat Munib
Jun 26th 2015
amna I know you gave the short note but i don't believe this is real.please clear my confusion. Amna
Jun 26th 2015
amna Oh!!! it really scared me and i was shivering all the time while reading it but is this a real story? because there is no such thing as spirits Amna
Jun 26th 2015
shehram Is it a real story or some sort of fake story ??? or maybe a real story but exaggerated ??? nice by the way Shehram
Jun 25th 2015

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