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Illsa Iqbal
Illsa Iqbal
Dawood Public School
My Life's Worse Day Ever
Published On Mar 15th 2010
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My life's worse day ever,
I wish is was in the list of never
I missed my van
And cut my hand with  metal can.
They almost closed the gate
'cause I was late.
I got punished in the school
'cause I was blamed for breaking a rule.
I didn’t get good marks in the test
But the girl I hate came best.
My face started to swell
But the others were well.
I rolled on logs
And got chased by dogs.
I almost got bit by a rat
And my best dress was torn by a cat.
I slipped on a cube of ice,
I bit my finger instead of a cheese slice.
I dropped my plate full of rice
Which was eaten by mice.
My life's worse day ever,
I wish it was in the list of never.
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duaa Boring Duaa
Jun 24th 2014

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