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Umair Malik
Umair Malik
Earl Haig Secondary School
Published On Jun 16th 2011
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Friendship is a noble sentiment and is based on the idea of mutual trust and love. Friends are a treasure and an index of our mind and character. Friendship is like a tender plant. The seed of this plant must have qualities of understanding, purity, sympathy and care. It needs the soil of sacrifice, the air of tolerance, the light of faith and the water of loyalty to grow.
Friendship plants should be protected from the heat of jealousy, frostbite of diplomacy which gives fury to the impatient wind, the fertilizer of appreciation and encouragement makes the plant healthier. With the passage of years this plant becomes a shady tree under which we can rest. We enjoy the dew drops of kindness only on the leaves of this friendship tree. Each and every drop glitters with the purity and prosperity of friendship. Each year of friendship adds a ring of this tree. There is no need of a flattering spray on the friendship tree because the flowers of happiness on this tree cannot bear the poisonous effects of the flattering spray. It is not a fair weather tree. It can survive in all snowy and stormy conditions. We can enjoy the fruits of friendship tree from childhood to old age ‘Do you have this wonderful cultivation in the farmhouse of your LIFE?”
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Jul 6th 2011

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