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Hamna  Masood Ahmed
Hamna Masood Ahmed
Usman Public School System
How Can We Make Pakistan A Better Place To Live In?
Published On May 27th 2015
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I don't know why? I don't know why today people are not admitting their mistakes. When you'll ask them about pollution, a long lecture will start from government and will end on government. Why is that so ? Pollution is because of our deeds. Why don't we try to clean the environment? We think that it is a duty of government. No , it is our duty . Why we can't take a bag with us and throw all the garbage in ? People say that Pakistan will be better place to live one day . But they don't think how , they don't perform their duty ,. When people say that Pakistan is not a place to live , Pakistan cries , we didn't make it a place to live , we used it as a dust bin and now we blame government . I think that it is our duty to clean it but how can we clean it ? Just start from yourself. Just avoid to throw garbage anywhere but learn to reuse , recycle and reduce . We can make pillows of polythene bags. There are many ways to save environment. Learn to admit your own mistake and Insha'Allah one day Pakistan will be a better place to live in .
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Comments 4
Urooj 👧 Urooj
Jul 21st 2017
Wania Awesome Wania
Jun 13th 2016
Hamna Yeee . Thansh . Me lub yaaa . *feeling crazy * on a comment on a really .. er .. tattle article . Sintit ??? Hamna
Sep 28th 2015
Rihab TRUE and nyc Rihab
Jul 4th 2015

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