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Hamna  Masood Ahmed
Hamna Masood Ahmed
Usman Public School System
The Lesson 'she' Taught
Published On May 24th 2015
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"Wow ! What an amazing view . Please bring papa's camera. I am going to click an image. “She said and I laughed " Haha ! I can't understand why you are crazy about 'amazing views ' which are only rainbows or sun set or rise " "It only means that you don't love beauty . You know why? Because you are not beautiful. ". I laughed more and she got angry.
She was my only sibling and three years younger than me. She loved butterflies, flowers , rainbows ,and sunsets . I usually laughed when she got amazed on rainbows and sunsets. I laughed on her thoughts. She thought that these are miracles. My parents didn't say to her a word but I tried to convince her that these are not miracles. She didn't agree. I loved her but she only loved these ' amazing views '.
She died two years ago but it seems that centuries have been passed without her. I felt so lonely after her death , but her words took me out of sorrow of her death . She told me to read Quran , so I started reading Quran as many as I can and I got answers of all my questions and I understood that miracle is not any cartoon character flying in the air but miracle is the flying bird . It is a normal thing but its deepness created aeroplanes . It is the great lesson taught by my sister, my best friend Ayesha . She is dead but she is alive in my heart because of her good deeds.
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Comments 20
Aliza  Hey its been a while since i have been using u still use your account or did u quitted? Aliza
Nov 30th 2016
Aliza  I recognized ur profile pic, you made it from the game anime maker....... right Aliza
Jun 12th 2016
Aliza  Hey hamna in which branch of usman public do you read i am about to change mine school Aliza
Feb 12th 2016
Hamna Walaikum Assalam . This spelling is true :) Hamna
Dec 2nd 2015
Wania Waalaykum.assalam Seriously not really sure about the spelling Wania
Nov 13th 2015
MUSFIRAH Assalamualikum Musfirah
Oct 22nd 2015
Wania Gud Wania
Sep 22nd 2015
Mahrukh Its too much nice Mahrukh
Sep 5th 2015
Aleena I really loved that! Aleena
Jul 29th 2015
Marwa Nice :) Marwa
Jun 20th 2015
Hamna Thanks ♡♡♡ Hamna
Jun 20th 2015
Dania Very sad + lessonful Dania
Jun 19th 2015
Hamna Nops not real . Just my thoughts and eh my first story . Thanks <3<3<3 . I can't believe it . Hamna
Jun 6th 2015
Tooba Is it true very nice and heart touching Tooba
Jun 5th 2015
Admin Check the My Page winners here Admin
May 29th 2015
Hamna Thanks ♡♡♡ it is my first story hehe cozz I am not interested in .. Hamna
May 28th 2015
Ayesha Amazing :) Ayesha
May 27th 2015
Hamna Thanks <3 Hamna
May 26th 2015
amna Nice Amna
May 25th 2015
Hamna In the third last line it is *depth created airoplenes * Hamna
May 25th 2015

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