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Abdulrehman Alvi
Abdulrehman Alvi
Jawahir Al Riyadh International School
The Helper
Published On May 24th 2015
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Once in the town lived a kind hearted man who always loved to help people with their problems and one day while he was going to the market a lady asked: “Please kind man, can you help me get rid of the rats in this building? They are really frustrating me.” So the kind man helped the lady clear the rats and when he had finished the neighbour of the lady which lived in the same building said with anger: “Why did you clear the rats from my house? They are my best friends!” At that point the kind man didn’t know what to do and another man came and said: “I’m poor, can you give me some money or food?” But he got pushed back by another lady who said not to give him money because he was a robber and at the same time everyone near the kind man all pushed and shouted. They all wanted help, but it was impossible to help everyone because somebody wanted something that somebody else didn’t want so at that moment he realized he never should have helped everybody so much in the past days and he then was so stressed that he died.
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Comments 9
Fizza Nice but in the last it took an awkward turn that he died! Fizza
Jun 27th 2016
Wania Gud Wania
Sep 24th 2015
Abdulrehman Thanks Abdulrehman
Jun 25th 2015
Samir Good!But can be more improved Samir
Jun 23rd 2015
Tooba Poor man and your story is nice Tooba
Jun 5th 2015
Abdulrehman Thanks Abdulrehman
Jun 5th 2015
Admin Check the My Page winners here Admin
May 29th 2015
Nabeela Nice story Nabeela
May 26th 2015
amna Not bad Amna
May 25th 2015

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