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Eraj Javed
Eraj Javed
St. Gregory's High School
The Scary Night
Published On May 24th 2015
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“Oh come on Eileen” said Lauren ludicrously “why are you not coming for the camp party I plan tonight”. Eileen and Lauren were chattering in the school break about Lauren’s camp party which was going to be held tonight.”Oh well…….”said Eileen but suddenly became silent. “Well? What’s wrong? Why won’t you speak up?” asked Lauren impatiently. “Well it’s just that you tell scary stories in the camp fire and you know very well that I’m afraid of horrendous stories being told! Said Eileen.”Eileen you don’t have to be scared for that besides all of your friends will be there and if you can just trace your fears I know you will find the courage to beat them”.”I think your right”said Eileen sedately “I will think about it and will then let you know”. “Please do!” said Lauren.
When Lauren reached home her mother had already prepared everything for the tonight’s camp.”Wow mom” cherished Lauren “the food smell tempting” .Her mom thanked her and continued doing her work Lauren went upstairs to her room for a nice nap before the camp party arrives.
All of a sudden Lauren’s friends started arriving at her house at 8:00 pm Lauren was helping her mother with the other chores activities. Then she went with her friends outside and point the hill onto where they were going to camp “We shall camp there “she said. “Hallo “said a familiar voice from behind .The girls viewed to see Lauren’s brother, Alex was standing behind them.”Why are you aggravating us Alex .GO AWAY!! Shouted Lauren angrily .Alex hurried off inside the house.
Inside the camp the girls were chattering and laughing piercingly .Eating the most delicious treat Lauren’s mother made. Nearly at 12:00 pm everyone fell asleep. Almost Everyone except Eileen. She kept biting her nails and being scared of the ghost that might be outside the camp. Suddenly she heard a screeching sound from outside.Wh….who…Who’s there?? She managed to ask. But there was no answer. Eileen became frightened .She woke lily and Lauren up.”Are you alright? Asked Lauren.”Why on earth did you wake us up? Asked lily yawningly.”I am hearing strange sounds from outside” said Lauren half scared “do you think it might be a ghost?.”Don’t be ridiculous “Said lily.”You know very well Eileen that there is no such thing as a ghost” said Lauren but Lauren wasn’t sure about this. They soon were fast asleep. At 3:00pm Lauren woke up by a sudden roaring sound coming from outside .Was it a bear or a Ghost? She did not know but her eyes suddenly met at Eileen’s bed she was gone!!.Oh no who could leave the camp at this time of the night thought Lauren bewilderingly She woke lily up and they soon went to search the missing Eileen outside .They could not find her .From Behind them came a voice”Don’t move stand where you are” Lauren and lily altered behind to see a man shape of a ghost standing beside them. His head was on his hand and his legs were twisted. The girls gasped. “Join me and I will turn you both into Ghost” the ghost roared at the both frightened girls. The girls began to scream. Their screaming voice reached Eileen .Eileen came forward heroically to save her friends from danger.”Go Away ugly monstrous ghost don’t even dare to hurt my friends”.”HAH HAH!!” said the ghost “You got me Eileen “.”HUH???” said all the girls together confusingly. The Ghost was a fake. It was a person trying to scare the girls. And you must all be wondering who that ghost might be? Alex of course!”Why you cheeky old mischief maker” said Lauren.”Why would you want to scare us?” asked Eileen. Well I would love to see you girls screaming like babies .Hah hah and you did!!.He took out his outfit of ghost and started moving towards the house.”Oh well I’ll deal with him later besides look on the bright side How Eileen saved our life. It was smashing!!.Eileen blushed slightly.” It was nothing” she said
The next morning everyone was told about the girls great adventure. Lauren’s mom and dad were angry at Alex and made him grounded for 1 week but still Alex don’t care he loved to see the girls were such babies .The girls were soon chattering that they had a wonderful night at the camp. And last of all Eileen was praised for her bravery!!!. 
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Comments 36
Maheen Awesome Maheen
Aug 9th 2017
Eraj Okay...thanks!! :) Eraj
Aug 21st 2016
yashfeen Nice one and dont worry it is not so long Yashfeen
Aug 19th 2016
Eraj Oops sorry I shouldn't have written that! ;) Eraj
Jun 29th 2016
Fizza Wow eraj cool story you got there ;) it was amazing !! but there was something i noticed ("I am hearing strange sounds from outside” said Lauren) it should not be lauren but it should be eileen. anyways pls add me im giving you request !! tysm !! Fizza
Jun 27th 2016
ayesha Nice story eraj Ayesha
Apr 16th 2016
Eraj Glad you liked it!! :) Eraj
Apr 2nd 2016
Habiba Eraj this is an amazing story Habiba
Apr 2nd 2016
Eraj Your welcome and I'm soo sorry the story was lengthy for u to read!! :p Eraj
Mar 25th 2016
Maida Eraj! thanks too much sendng me a friend request and your story was also tooo lengthy but sooo goodddd :) Maida
Mar 24th 2016
Saqifa Nice Saqifa
Nov 20th 2015
Wania Waalaykum.assalaam Seriously not sure about the spelling Wania
Nov 13th 2015
Eman Assalam.o.Alikum Eman
Oct 7th 2015
Eman Nice story Eman
Oct 3rd 2015
Wania Awesome Wania
Sep 22nd 2015
ayesha Nice story.............................. Ayesha
Aug 1st 2015
Aleena Lol that's ok!! Aleena
Jul 30th 2015
Eraj Oops sorry I forgot to write 'am' my bad ;) Eraj
Jul 29th 2015
Aleena I knew Alex would butt in doing something! xD Anyway, it's not 12:00 or 3:00 pm. It's 12:00 or 3:00 am cause this is the international rule. I loved the story Aleena
Jul 29th 2015
raveeha It was a gud story Raveeha
Jun 24th 2015
Eraj Your welcome Benish!! Eraj
Jun 22nd 2015
Beenish Thanks again Eraj For replying my comment. Beenish
Jun 21st 2015
Marwa Nice :) Marwa
Jun 20th 2015
Eraj Thanks Benish and Dania Alex is older!! Eraj
Jun 20th 2015
Dania Alex is older or younger? Dania
Jun 19th 2015
Beenish Awesome story Beenish
Jun 12th 2015
Eraj Your welcome!! Eraj
Jun 5th 2015
Princess Thanks Eraj for bieng my friend Princess
Jun 5th 2015
shehram I had a hunch that Alex would so something cheeky -_- Shehram
Jun 1st 2015
Admin Check the My Page winners here Admin
May 29th 2015
Abdul Wasay Nice Abdul Wasay
May 28th 2015
Fatima Nice Fatima
May 28th 2015
Eraj Thanks Yumna!! Eraj
May 26th 2015
yumna Brilliant story!! like it very much!!.. :) Yumna
May 26th 2015
Eraj Thanks!! Eraj
May 25th 2015
amna Nice and pretty funny :) :D Amna
May 25th 2015

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