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Ayesha __
Ayesha __
Hogwarts:school Of Witchcraft And Wizadry
Published On May 24th 2015
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Was i born as unwanted child,
Whose feelings are killed in every way;
Sometimes tears fell down my face
Don't want my dreams to be faded away,
Those childhood memories..
That dazzling sunshine,
Wish that could rewind
Before i close my eyes,
My dreams strongly buried...
Have to overcome my fears;
In the deep dark night
Echoes ruin my life,
"you don't need to act like a child"
I'm just a kid,what you expect from me..
Want me to fight perilous battles for glee?
'Think that can never happen,
Can't stand myself on my feet:
I could get all if i had tried,
But i was born as dead person coming alive 
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Comments 19
Urooj Good:) Urooj
Jul 15th 2017
Afrah Nyc Afrah
Apr 22nd 2017
Wania Welcomiee Wania
Mar 4th 2016
Baneen Nice Baneen
Nov 5th 2015
Irza I seriously loved the way you made it feel it it was right from the bottom of your heart!keep writing these kind of poems:) Irza
Aug 25th 2015
Ayesha Oh thank u all so much for such sweet commnts :) Ayesha
Aug 3rd 2015
Wania The poem is really interesting Gud poem Wania
Jul 15th 2015
Aqsa This poem is written very nicely.......It is really very interesting Aqsa
Jul 11th 2015
ayesha Goood Ayesha
Jul 1st 2015
Ayesha Yea... my first poem =) Ayesha
Jun 25th 2015
Rida Have you written it urself?.....i love it sister <3 Rida
Jun 25th 2015
ayesha Amazing Ayesha
Jun 17th 2015
Ayesha Aw ty..! Ayesha
Jun 9th 2015
mahira Good Mahira
Jun 9th 2015
Ayesha U too sweetie <3 now let me know how's this poem..?! Ayesha
Jun 9th 2015
Princess Api u r really very nice Princess
Jun 8th 2015
Ayesha Aww its ok dearie <3 Ayesha
Jun 8th 2015
Princess Thanks api i am realy greatful to u for being my friend Princess
Jun 7th 2015
Admin Check the My Page winners here Admin
May 29th 2015

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