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Namra Shahid
Namra Shahid
Government College For Women Model Town,lahore
In The Land Of Giant
Published On Jun 14th 2011
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One day I woke up, I took my breakfast and went for a walk in the park. After walk I was so tired and sleepy so I found a shady tree. I planned to rest under it I was very tired so I went to sleep. When I woke up, I found myself in a big place where everything was huge. The grass was as tall as a house. Suddenly, I heard a sound of big footsteps and they sound just like thunder. I saw a big giant so I became very frightened. Then, I felt like that I was in a land of giants. The giant see me and picked me up in his hand and took me to a beanstalk and started climbing on it. When he was on the top, I saw a huge garden. It was so beautiful. There were many green hills and in the middle of these hills it was a big and beautiful house. The giant went inside it. In the house, there were many big things and a giant woman who was cooking food in the kitchen. The giant told the women to cook soup for him. She made soup for him. When the giant had finished his supper, he took me to the dog and said the dog to eat me. The dog started catching me. I was very frightened of that. I heard the sound of clock and I woke up. I thanked God that it was only a dream.         
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Comments 15
Tooba Nice story love it Tooba
May 3rd 2014
Amna Gud Amna
Dec 21st 2012
areeb Ok Areeb
Oct 23rd 2011
Namra Thanks! Namra
Sep 26th 2011
aamna Very nice story Namra. Keep it up. Aamna
Sep 25th 2011
Namra Thanks! Namra
Sep 9th 2011
Bint waseem Nyc!!!! Bint Waseem
Sep 6th 2011
eisha Its great if you see it in kids' point of view but not adults.its not the 1 in a million kinda stuff (hope you don't mind) Eisha
Aug 6th 2011
Namra Thanks Rija! Namra
Jul 30th 2011
Rija It was an interesting story,it attracted me by its name too....You'll be an awesome writer.Keep up the hard work Rija
Jul 28th 2011
Omama Love your story Omama
Jun 26th 2011
saher Very nice story Saher
Jun 23rd 2011
Muhammad Good attempt, please keep it up. Muhammad
Jun 19th 2011
Aleena Thank God it was a dream............... otherwise i dnt want 2 lost u Aleena
Jun 17th 2011
Namra Please comment on my story Namra
Jun 17th 2011

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