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Ashna Ahmed
Ashna Ahmed
The Dua For His Ummah
Published On Jun 14th 2011
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Imagine a young boy of around 18 months. He is healthy and strong; a very playful child. Wherever he goes people smile at him and at his playful ways. Then one day he gets sick. Deathly sick. His father, who loved him a lot, is holding his little boy, who is taking short ragged breaths, in his arms weeping. Imagine how that father felt for his little baby. His son, who was so healthy and playful, suddenly fell ill. His heart would be full of grief. The father knows that his son has no chance of living and that he will die soon.
That was the case of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh). His son, Ibrahim was dying. And the Prophet knew that. As baby Ibrahim was taking his last dying breaths, the Prophet's eyes welled up and tears cascaded down his cheeks. One of his wives, Aisha (r.a) said to him, "Allah has granted every prophet a prayer, a prayer which Allah said he will listen to. Use this prayer now and ask Allah for your son's life".
But, the Prophet replied, "No, I will save this prayer for my Ummah on the Day of Judgment". After some time Ibrahim, the Prophet's son breathed his last breath.
The Prophet sacrificed his son for us, the Muslim Ummah. He let his son die so that on the Day of Judgment he could use his dua to save us from Hell Fire. For this, it is our duty to become good Muslims and to love the Prophet sincerely from the depths of our hearts. Look at the Ummah now, is this really what the Prophet sacrificed his son for? Is this what he would want to see? For our love out of our beloved Prophet we should try to be the best of Muslims, striving for Allah's pleasure. As the youth of this Ummah, let us unite as a nation and help establish the Khilafat once again.
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Comments 2
Shahamah SUBHANALLAH.. Shahamah
Sep 21st 2012
Aaiza I completely agree to what you say. Aaiza
Jun 26th 2011

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