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Nabiha Hussiain
Nabiha Hussiain
Hala International School
Imagining Dubai Life (part 1)
Published On Jun 25th 2015
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We are like 6 friends. Me that is Nabiha,Myclosest cousin Sania, my bro Ahmed and my other three cousins Hamza,Danyal and Rizwan. So we live in Dubai. Actually its like we 6 live alone with no parents every month they send us 50,000 for food, clothing etc. We live in a small cottage in a park thats very far from a city and people come very rarly there. We dont eat much fast food,since there is no one to cook for us but every day we get some fruits from the trees outside. And there is a well nearby we drink water from there. But our School is very awesome it’s pretty expensive so pretty much the money we get from our parents is gone in that. We all share one laptop and have one printer. Because there is alot of printing stuff to do. And pretty much sleep on the floor. Our life is amazing we love it. Ok so this is the last day at school then Summer Vacations. So as soon as we came back form school. Danyal says Guyz we studied whole year now let’s go out and see whats in Dubai. We living in Dubai haven't seen Burj Al Khalifa. So I say u have a point. But then Sania is like no way i m going out of this cottage. I was like sorry sania but everyone has agreed and u r the only one saying no. We are leaving, but sania says umm hello who has the money to get food, get good clothes, get on a taxi, none of us. Rizwan says she is right Nabiha. Then i was like we can do a part-time job. After lots of arguments and discussions everyone agreed and everyone was set. So we all went it took us almost 2 hours to reach the city. So we all were amazed to see the world of dubai.We were staring at everything. People started staring at us becuz we were acting awkward. Then Danyal says WHY DONT U ALL MIND UR BUSINESSES!!! After sometime we started reading the newspapers to find some part-time job. Then Ahmed says this Hotel is offering 50,000 for working just for one week! Each one of us was interested. Then we asked him what do we have to do? He was like that we will come to know when we go there. Then i was like How hard it possibly be! Ok so next part u will know in part 2. Bye Bye
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Comments 11
Wania Do you live alone in Dubai? Wania
Sep 24th 2015
nabiha Hamza! Haters gonna u back off.....I know English better than u......u cannot even compete me ok..!!! Nabiha
Sep 5th 2015
raveeha Gud story but i felt that u used like alot of times Raveeha
Aug 20th 2015
Misha Do you live alone in Dubai or this is just a story Misha
Aug 20th 2015
Hamza Good story but your tenses need improvement.Don't be sad you can take classes from your father.He is a good person.He knows it very well. Hamza
Aug 4th 2015
nabiha Do you live alone Nabiha
Aug 3rd 2015
Asma Do you really live alone in Dubai? Asma
Jul 24th 2015
Dania Yeah Tooba I had the same question in mind Dania
Jul 2nd 2015
Tooba Nyc and is it true that you all live alone in dubai Tooba
Jun 29th 2015
nabiha Actually i wrote it in a pretty informal way and Hala International School is in Jeddah Nabiha
Jun 25th 2015
shehram Well i think the tenses are not too right , well..... not bad but you could have made it better , i think Hala International is in Makkah isnt it ? Shehram
Jun 25th 2015

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