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Zernab Waheed
Zernab Waheed
Allied School System
Our Holy Book
Published On Mar 12th 2010
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Our Holy book is Quran.It was revealed to the last Prophet Muhammad(PBUH) by Jibreel. When Muhammad(PBUH) did meditation in the cave of Hira then he was given the first Quranic revelation. The Quran completed in 23rd years. The Quran has many other names: ''Al-Furqan''-''Al-Hikmah''. Muslims believe that Quran is a divine guidance book for humanity. It has 30 Para/chapters. Each Para contains many chapters which we call ''Surah''. Each Surah is either Makki or Madni. Each surah contains many verses which we say ''ayat''. The Quran has seven stations which are called ''manzil''. The Quran's first surah is surah Fatiha & the last one is surah Nas. The Quran's longest surah is surah Baqra which is Medni and has 286 verses. The Quran's smallest surah is surah kausar which is Makki and has only 3 verses. It is our responsibility to recite Quran daily
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Comments 1

AL-QURA'AN is a guide book of our life.

Jun 29th 2010

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