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Shiraz Larik
Shiraz Larik
Karachi Grammar School
Lord Bagra And His Army (part 1)
Published On Jun 25th 2015
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Once there was a rich and wise prince Paris. He was the ruler of a peaceful kingdom Troy. People of Troy were happy under their king Paris. Troy was secured by the courageous Trojan army and was protected by high walls. The neighbour kingdom of Troy was ruled by a hideous creature his name was Lord Bagra . Lord Bagra wanted to steal Troy’s treasury and wanted to kill Paris. So he sent a letter to Paris warning him that if he would not hand over the treasury of Troy he would kidnap Helen (The Queen) Paris mother. Paris took no notice of it but he alerted his army. Lord Bagra became angry of Paris and plotted to kidnap Helen. He gathered an army of thousand soldiers and hundred horsemen and marched towards Troy. When Lord Bagra along with his army arrived at Troy the soldiers attacked the Trojan army while the horsemen and Lord Bagra secretly went and managed to destroy the high walls of Troy .Then Lord Bagra went inside and managed to find Helen. Then Lord Bagra kidnapped Helen.........
to be continued...
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Comments 5
Sabeen Gud Sabeen
Nov 14th 2017
Wania Gud Wania
Sep 22nd 2015
ayesha Cool Ayesha
Aug 14th 2015
Sarah I like it. :) Sarah
Jul 13th 2015
amna Nice Amna
Jun 28th 2015

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