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Ghashia Gehan
Ghashia Gehan
Garrison Academy For Cambridge Studies, Lahore Cantt
The Walker Twins (part 2)
Published On Apr 25th 2015
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January 2015

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Kath and Kitty saw 3 girls coming towards them, all with cute cat eyes, and one with really red cheeks. Then one girl suddenly spoke up, "Hiya! You must be those Walker Twins? Right? I am Hilda, the head of the 2nd form dorms. This is Isabel, she really has reddish cheeks, and this is Marry, the only girl in our form with natural purple eyes." The twins shook hands to greet them and their narrow eyes ran over those 3 young beautiful bodies.
Then again, Hilda said, "Oh yes, I forgot to tell you both, our head mistress, miss Honey is calling you." Then noticing the increasing nervousness of Kath and Kitty, she continued, "but she is really nice, just as sweet as her name." This sentence relaxed the girls a bit. They asked the way from Hilda, and stepped forward. Passing by different common rooms and dormitories, Kath gave Kitty a nudge. "I am feeling a bit nervous, Kit", she said. Kitty, who was a little more sensitive, politely replied, "me too, Kath".
Then at last, the girls reached Miss Honey's office. They knocked with their small shaking hands, and in return, heard a calm, soft, and indeed a sweet voice saying, "come in!".
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Comments 22
Fatima Great! You read Enid Blyton's books?? Fatima
Nov 15th 2015
Sarah This story is fake i know a novel about this Sarah
Oct 1st 2015
Sarah This story is fake i know a novel about this Sarah
Oct 1st 2015
Wania Like it Wania
Sep 22nd 2015
Ghashia Guys stay tuned, cause my 3rd part will be coming tomorrow InshaAllah! anyways, sorry for the delay by the way. Ghashia
Jul 6th 2015
Umama Its a very nice story and it resembles to the novel trading faces by julia devillers and jennifer roy Umama
Jul 3rd 2015
amna Congratulations!! Amna
Jun 22nd 2015
Dania Awesome Dania
Jun 19th 2015
Maha Nice Maha
Jun 17th 2015
Beenish Amazing Beenish
Jun 15th 2015
yumna Brilliant Yumna
Jun 8th 2015
Ghashia Fatima it's an idea from St.Claire's. And thx a lot guys. I thought that no one likes it so I didn't posted the next part. But now I will be posting it shortly:) Ghashia
Jun 6th 2015
mahrukh CONGRATULATIONS!!! Mahrukh
Jun 3rd 2015
Admin Check the My Page winners here Admin
May 29th 2015
amna You're certainly getting on with the story nicely and publish the next part as soon as possible.i'm looking forward to reading it Amna
May 23rd 2015
Shaheer Has anyone read PJ series ? Shaheer
May 16th 2015
ayesha Good but part 3??? Ayesha
May 1st 2015
Tooba Have you read PJO and HoO? BTw I'm a swifty too (kinda) Tooba
Apr 30th 2015
Tooba Nice story, send the next part soon. Have you taken the idea from Sweet valley twins or mallory towers (or St Claire's)??? Tooba
Apr 30th 2015
Ghashia Oh thanks. And am glad to have a good n active friend like u :) Ghashia
Apr 30th 2015
Ghania Yeah Ghania
Apr 29th 2015
Ghashia Anyone liked it? Ghashia
Apr 26th 2015

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