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Samir Mustafa
Samir Mustafa
Wisdomhouse School
Mirror Mirror (part 3)
Published On Apr 25th 2015
Total Comments : 16
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Rank 8 Out of 10
Now the story continues with Snow White and the dwarves (The Bandits).They slept easily after eating porridge. Then they woke up in the morning and had breakfast. While they were eating breakfast, dwarves talked to each other by eyes and stood up. Snow White didn't know what was going on. The dwarves told Snow "We are going to buy some food from the market. We will return an hour later. Do not go outside it is very dangerous outside."Snow White nodded. The dwarves went outside and started to dress like bandits and went on to steal someone. On the other hand a prince was travelling to another city on his horse in the forest. His name was Harry. He also had a special servant with him."King Harry when will we reach the city."Asked Josh."We will reach the city after an hour later"Said King Harry.King Harry was a very funny person.His face was white,His hair was golden,He was wearing a white shirt and a coat on it with a very expensive embroidery on it.He was holding a bag full of money.He had 600 golden coins in it. Suddenly both King Henry and Josh heard someone footsteps.They were alerted.The group of bandits was there to steal them.The bandits looked very tall because they had some shoes which can increase in height by pressing a button so all of them were wearing them.The dwarves were very skilful and they fought with the king and his servant like they have learned to fight from the warriors of ancient greece.They took the bag full of money and started to run from them.The king and his servant also started to run behind them.
Next Part to Be Continued.................
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Comments 16
Fatima You have cheated I have watched the movie mirror mirroe Fatima
May 12th 2017
Wania Keep it up Wania
Sep 24th 2015
Rihab I have read pj series the olympians Rihab
Aug 25th 2015
yumna I am waiting for the next part!!!!!!!! Yumna
Jun 16th 2015
Aima This story is realy interseting Aima
Jun 8th 2015
maheen Wonderful story Maheen
Jun 8th 2015
maheen Wonderful story Maheen
Jun 8th 2015
Admin Check the My Page winners here Admin
May 29th 2015
May 29th 2015
amna Good! Amna
May 20th 2015
Shaheer Has anyone read PJ series? Shaheer
May 16th 2015
Samir No there will be some changes in this story in the next movie i just took the idea from the movie i will change some things Samir
May 13th 2015
Aliza  HEY CHEATER.........................YOU HAD CHEATED Aliza
Apr 30th 2015
shiraz Cheated from the movie Mirror Mirror Shiraz
Apr 29th 2015
Sidra You have written in the same story feom the movie mirror mirror with the same name. Sidra
Apr 29th 2015
Ghashia Good effort!! Ghashia
Apr 26th 2015

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