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Ghashia Gehan
Ghashia Gehan
Garrison Academy For Cambridge Studies, Lahore Cantt
The Walker Twins (part 1)
Published On Apr 24th 2015
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"Have you packed our bags, mum?" asked Kath Walker, as she expected everything to be ready. Kitty Walker, her twin sister, jumped in before their mum could answer, "mum, are we ready to leave in evening?" their mum calmly replied, "yes my sweeties, yes. Everything is ready. You just go change your dresses, come back and eat your suppers, and then we will start our journey". "yay! thanks mum, for being the best mum in the world!" said Kitty and Kath together.
The two girls had beautiful, blue narrow eyes and long thin noses, which came to pretty thin lips which used to give a beautiful smile. The 13 year old twins had straight, blond hair with curls at the end. They were both sort of charming personalities, very friendly and kind indeed. They lived with their mother in New York, because their father had job in Germany.
The girls excitedly got off their car as they saw the big, really big, building of St. Violetta's, their new boarding school. They held their hand luggage, waved good bye to their mum, and then entered the building. A current of nervousness ran through their hearts as they saw hundreds of girls chattering and laughing and giggling.
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Comments 16
Wania Amazing Wania
Sep 22nd 2015
manail Amazing:))) Manail
Sep 20th 2015
Rihab I read ur about me ghashia and why do u listen to music? i thought we should all kno that music was created by satan and he uses it for leading us astray Rihab
Jun 23rd 2015
Dania Kool Dania
Jun 19th 2015
Ghania Howcaniparticipateinyoungwritersinmagazine???ifuknowthenplztellme. Ghania
Jun 7th 2015
Ghashia Thx a lot guys :) Ghashia
Jun 6th 2015
Ghashia Thx a lot guys :) Ghashia
Jun 6th 2015
Admin Check the My Page winners here Admin
May 29th 2015
MARYAM Gud 1... lve stories having twins and boarding schools.... lol Maryam
May 24th 2015
amna Nice Amna
May 23rd 2015
Amn Gooood Amn
May 6th 2015
ayesha Nice 1!! Ayesha
May 1st 2015
Tooba The story is amazing Tooba
Apr 30th 2015
Ghania Thnx Ghania
Apr 29th 2015
Ghashia Its ok ghania :) Ghashia
Apr 26th 2015
Ghania Thnksghashiaforappreciation Ghania
Apr 25th 2015

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