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Manahil Ahmad
Manahil Ahmad
Beaconhouse School System
Where We Are?
Published On Apr 22nd 2015
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Have you ever wondered where our future is leading to? or may I call ''the earth's future''? No one knows that but let me guess it's not a very good one is it?I'ill answer it like this;You might be noticing some kind of pollution while you're on your way to school,are'nt you?Most of you;the majority might say YES!but it might be a NO as well because many of us have grown used to haven't we?It's something very common so it’s not a big issue,but the real thing is the large effect this causes which are the ''The Natural Catastrophies''.We call them natural but they are again something related to us.We are the ones who use AC's and heaters which are 40% the reason before global melting, this all just to live confortably?we may be having a luxurious lifestyle but by this we make a millions life miserable don't we?I know and agree it’s really hot outside we can't possibly remove the AC's but we can limitize our usage.When some people started  noticing this they found the earth day.It's not about the speeches we give or the banners we make----it's just a tiny effort to raise awareness and tell people what we're leading to.You might think what'ill happen if you do this becuase you're alone but don't you remember small efforts make big differences? What'ill you lose if you just turn off the lights when you leave your room next time?or by making a jam bottle a pencil holder instead of buying a new one?Do you know every four minutes we lose a species of animals?or every minute a kilometer of rainforest is cut down?it's all to fulfill your needs then why can't you limit your needs so everyone gets an equal share? I take a pledge to do this will you?So,lets all make every day the earth day!!
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Comments 4
Wania Good Wania
Jun 13th 2016
Ayesha True ... :) Ayesha
May 10th 2015
ibraheem Good Ibraheem
May 10th 2015
Maryam :) Maryam
Apr 23rd 2015

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