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Hurriya Nasir
Hurriya Nasir
Beacon House Juniper Campus
Brave Brothers
Published On Jun 13th 2011
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John and Billy were alone in their house. Their parents had gone to a party. John was doing his homework while Billy his younger brother was watching television. Some one knocked at the door Billy rushed to open the door thinking that their parents had came home he opened the door. Outside there was standing a tall man wearing a black coat. He said that he was a salesman and asked that "do you want some books "? Without thinking Billy said "yes" to buy some books. John quickly explained that they were not supposed to buy any thing without their parent’s permission and began to close the door. The man forced his way in the house. He took out a gun and a rope from his pocket. Then he tied both the boy with rope but it was not very tight and it was easy to untie.

Soon he went upstairs for the valuables. John quickly unties himself then his brother .they rushed to the telephone to call the police but the line was dead. The doors were locked and they did not have the keys to open the doors. Luckily the robber forgot to lock the window which was big enough for the boys. They managed to get out from the house through the window and ran to the near police station for help. 

They brought the police to their house and the robber was caught.  Police said that you have caught the robber which was wanted criminal whom the police have been trying to catch for a long time. The police thanked them. 

By that time, their parents had come home. They told them the whole story about the robbery and their parents were proud at their bravery.
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Comments 26
Minahil Nice writing-Great thinking-Hard work and ofcourse most of all nice moral my friend Minahil
Jun 9th 2013
hurriya Thank u! Hurriya
Dec 11th 2011
Ayeza Gud effort!!! Ayeza
Nov 13th 2011
hurriya Thank u every one ! Hurriya
Oct 27th 2011
Zainab Good job!!! plz accept my friend request Zainab
Sep 27th 2011
Saba Very v.v.v.v.v.v.v.v.vv.v. nyc Saba
Sep 17th 2011
Mohammmad Good one Mohammmad
Aug 27th 2011
Mohammmad Good writer you are!!!!! Mohammmad
Aug 27th 2011
hurriya Thank you menahil :) Hurriya
Aug 21st 2011
Menahil Hi Hurriya i'm menahil. Malaika's sister. I hope u do remember me. I loved yr story 2 much. Amazing effort. Menahil
Aug 20th 2011
hurriya Thanks bareera Hurriya
Aug 19th 2011
Bareera Nice Bareera
Aug 16th 2011
hurriya Thank u every 1 Hurriya
Aug 10th 2011
wardah Hurriya niceee Wardah
Aug 10th 2011
Momina Cool story Momina
Aug 8th 2011
wardah Hurriya this is your story Wardah
Aug 8th 2011
Disenchanted. VERY NICE STORY Disenchanted.
Jul 27th 2011
wardah Gud story Wardah
Jul 14th 2011
Farha Keep it up! Farha
Jul 3rd 2011
hurriya Thanx again! Hurriya
Jun 27th 2011
Omama Wow!good story Omama
Jun 26th 2011
hurriya Thanks every one!! Hurriya
Jun 20th 2011
Haris It is a nice story. we should never open the door for strangers.we should never take things without parents permission. Haris
Jun 16th 2011
matie ur I LIKE YOUR STORY Matie Ur
Jun 16th 2011
Momina COOL Momina
Jun 15th 2011
Malaika Great Story! Love it! Keep it up! Malaika
Jun 15th 2011

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