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Andlib Farid
Andlib Farid
Lazy Liza Of Lazy Land Part 5
Published On Apr 20th 2015
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Lazy Liza Of Lazyland Part 5
Time flew by.
One day Liza came to know that there’s a creative week coming near. Dbilla told her that one can draw, perform, write and play on any topic and can be awarded royal prize for his\her work and the chief guest would be our kingdom’s neighbor king ‘KING RUOLOC’. The amazing thing about that all was---- king Ruoloc’s son would be the only foreigner to take part in the competition. No one is allowed to write their names on their work. Only they have to write the allotted numbers of their seats. Liza loved drawing and painting so she was too excited for the day to come.
(Whenever we want a certain time to arrive in a wink of an eye, it starts coming on a slow turtle and when we want a time not to come it eventually show up itself like it has galloped on the fastest animal, cheetah.)
It seemed same in the case of sweet LIZA.
Finally the day arrived. Liza sat beside a lad not older than her. They got to know each other he was Simkay. Simkay was also fond of drawing. He sketched a view of a jungle a boy on a horse with a bow and arrow aiming towards a tree with a label “ALONE IN A SPLENDED CASTLE”. He saw towards Liza.
Liza made a beautiful painting. It was a wrecked ship near a lonely beach and a little girl was sleeping beside the mast and
Tear was rolling down her cheeks like a tiny dew drop. Simkay saw it and gasped “what a beauty!” suddenly he noticed the same sparkling tear on Liza’s cheek. “What happened?” he asked anxiously for how could he know her tragic past.
To be continued………
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Comments 2
Admin Check the My Page winners here Admin
May 29th 2015
amna Nice story.what will happen next? eager to know.write the next part as soon as possible Amna
May 20th 2015

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