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Malaika Idrees
Malaika Idrees
Beaconhouse School System
A Pond Packed With Milk
Published On Jun 13th 2011
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Once upon a time, there used to live one ruler in the kingdom of Red Indians, who was keen for levying excessive taxes on his subjects and building up his own assets. His name was Akaya, who was also known to come up with novel ideas of taking out the last penny from the pocket of those living in his kingdom, on one pretext or the other.
His last trick on his subjects was the announcement that he made regarding his plans of digging a pond packed with Milk, which would be used to feed the poor and needy people of his kingdom, free of charge. Akaya announced that he would dig a big pond, in which every considerably rich citizen of his kingdom would pour one glass of milk every night, and to be distributed amongst the poor next morning. In order to set personal example, Akaya promised that he would himself pour one jug of milk. Though the announcement took the people of his kingdom by surprise, who would never expect Akaya to even think of doing some charity work, yet the interesting part remained that the milk donation was to be made during the dead of the night, so that no one would see others and disbursement would be made after sunrise.
In the darkness of the first night, it was firstly Akaya, who came and poured his part of the charity amounting to a jug full of milk, followed by every rich individual of his kingdom with a glass of milk. Next morning a long queue of baggers and poor had assembled nearby the pond, waiting for Akaya to come and start donating the milk as charity. Upon the arrival of Akaya, all went to the pond, and to their utter surprise found the pond full of water instead of milk! What happened was that every rich individual of the kingdom, including Akaya, poured water into the pond, while taking advantage of the night and thinking that since others would be pouring milk; therefore, his part of water will not be detected. This exposed further the king as well as his subjects and everyone was standing ashamed, unable to look into the eyes of each other. Akaya begged forgiveness from his subjects and assured that next time he would first do charity himself and then ask his subjects to follow in his footsteps.
Though the plan of Akaya had foiled, yet he learnt the lesson that Charity begins at home and that the wicked rulers can only yield to wicked subjects.
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Comments 15
Bareera Nice story Bareera
Aug 17th 2011
wardah Niceeeeeeeeeee Wardah
Aug 8th 2011
Abdur-Rahman Wonderful Abdur-rahman
Aug 7th 2011
Muhammad Simply the best. Keep it up! Muhammad
Jun 29th 2011
rehana Exquisite story Rehana
Jun 28th 2011
Omama Love it! Omama
Jun 26th 2011
Malaika Thankyou Malaika
Jun 21st 2011
yamna Nice...... Yamna
Jun 21st 2011
Ayesha Simply love it Ayesha
Jun 18th 2011
Jun 15th 2011
Mahnoor Nice one Mahnoor
Jun 14th 2011
faizan It is the nice story and covers with a good moral. Faizan
Jun 14th 2011
Ayesha Farhan A good story, with a nice moral. Ayesha Farhan
Jun 13th 2011
Ayesha Farhan A good story, with a nice moral. Ayesha Farhan
Jun 13th 2011
Muhammad Great story, you have lived up to your tradition. Keep it up. Muhammad
Jun 13th 2011

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