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Menahil Idrees
Menahil Idrees
The Coat With Holes!
Published On Jun 13th 2011
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Mr. Huckleberry was shivering because of the cold. His house was broken from every corner. For his food, he only had five pence in his pocket. For the winter, he had just got an old coat, which had holes in it. It had belonged to his great grandfather. This coat was worn by his grandfather, father and now him. Mr. Huckleberry was so poor and was jobless.
He decided to go to the market to get some food. Mr. Huckleberry carefully looked at the five pence, “now what should I buy with them”, he said to himself. “What about some apples? They are the only things, I can afford”. Mr. Huckleberry sighed to himself and set off from the front door. At the marketplace he could see the people buying lots of things. He was too sad. Most of all, he had a coat with holes whereas the others had warm fur coats with simply no holes. Poor Mr. Huckleberry! He was shivering.
After buying the apples, when he was going home, he saw a man. He had a nice fur coat but still he was shivering. Mr. Huckleberry decided to trick him. He made such a look, that no one could think he was feeling cold. “Hello, sir. You like a fine nobleman. Your coat is warm too but I see that you are shivering. Why?” asked Mr. Huckleberry. “Yes, the coat is warm, but I have a cold. Your coat has got holes in it. How can you stay in it?” the man asked with curiosity. “But sir, don’t you understand, my coat is very warm.” Mr. Huckleberry giggled to himself. “How is that warm?” the man asked. “You see, the cold air comes in from one hole but it doesn’t touch me, instead it goes out of the other holes. So, I can stay very warm. Your coat does have cold air in it, but it is without any holes.” Mr. Huckleberry had done his job. Very soon, the man would say something. Either would he say to make holes in his coat as well or he would say to exchange his coat with Mr. Huckleberry’s. Mr. Huckleberry was right. “I’m sorry to ask, but could you please exchange your coat with mine. I can also give you $20 for that” the man asked. “Well, sure you can. It is my pleasure.” Mr. Huckleberry said this reluctantly to impress upon the man as if he was favouring him and quickly took off his coat. The man did the same and after exchanging the coats he gave him $20 as part of deal.
 Now, that Mr. Huckleberry’s job was done, he ran off down the road as fast as he could. The man, who was standing there, was surprised that Mr. Huckleberry ran off so quickly. “Maybe, he had to finish some important work” thought the man. As soon as the man went out of the market, he felt even colder. “Oh my, what did I do? I shouldn’t have. That man! He was fooling me. Oh what a fool am I”, the man shouted. He went down the road as fast as he could.
As for Mr. Huckleberry, he had got a coat and $20 as well. He bought himself a better meal with those. Now, the coat is passed on to his son. The coat with holes is probably in the garbage.
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Comments 15
Anam Great story Anam
Nov 2nd 2013
Areeba Simply wonderfull story :D Areeba
Aug 1st 2013
Zainab Reallllly gud u know!!!!!!!! Zainab
Sep 26th 2011
Mohammmad Good Oneeee! Mohammmad
Aug 30th 2011
Itachi Plz comment on my story A VERY big surprise on page 1:) Itachi
Aug 13th 2011
Menahil Yes v r Haneea Menahil
Aug 10th 2011
Itachi Nyc Story Menahil r u and Malaika sisters??? Itachi
Jul 5th 2011
rehana Gud job! Rehana
Jun 28th 2011
Muhammad Yes I agree, this is a great story. Muhammad
Jun 27th 2011
Omama Wow!good story Omama
Jun 26th 2011
Mahnoor It is really good .and funny. Mahnoor
Jun 19th 2011
Mahnoor It is really good .and funny. Mahnoor
Jun 19th 2011
Ayesha Such a fascinating story Ayesha
Jun 18th 2011
faizan Really it is the funny story. Great! Faizan
Jun 14th 2011
Muhammad Appears to be a perfect story, with best substance, projection of ideas and vocabulary used. The ending and the moral lesson are also good. Well done Menahil. Muhammad
Jun 13th 2011

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