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Amna Ahmed
Amna Ahmed
The Girl Who Went Through Time (2)
Published On Apr 20th 2015
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Mary had been severely sick since the day June passed away. "you'll be alright Mary.take it easy... i'm sure she's happy"her mother tried to comfort her. "mum..... i really miss her"Mary would say and start sobbing.but soon she came back into her routine.she went to school.she went out with her friends and she began to enjoy life again.1 year was in the middle of summer holidays that something strange happend.Mary took out her photo album and suddenly one of June and Mary's photo slid from inside it.Mary picked it up and held it in her hand.her wounds that had been healed long ago became fresh again.she beagan to sob helplessly and fell down with a thump on her bed.when she went back to bed that night the same dream haunted her. A faint light fell on her face and she woke up to see a figure dressed in white standing at the corner of ther bed.she recognized this figure immediately"june" she whispered and rising from her bed she crawled cautiously over to her.Mary took June's hand into hers but her hand just passed through June's."you're a ghost" Mary gasped "you're june ghost" Mary backed away now feeling a bit afraid."don't be afraid Mary it's just me' June raised her head erect and smiled at Mary in the most friendly manner."come with me"June said and held out her hand.Mary stared at her wide eyed and took her hand but this time Mary's hand didn't pass through June's. instead it rested softly onto her palm and inside her fingers.suddenly a big white hole appeared  in the middle of her room and both of them disappeared into it............
To be continued...........
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Comments 25
Urooj Good😊 Urooj
Jul 12th 2017
sajahir Amna please send the next part Sajahir
Feb 7th 2017
amna I've sent the next part like billions of times and the next part of another story too but it has not been published yet Amna
Oct 11th 2016
manail Btw how long does it takes the administrator to approve a story? and I love this Manail
Sep 29th 2016
manail Cant wait for next part!! Manail
Sep 29th 2016
Wania Great Wania
Sep 24th 2015
amna thanks Irza :D :P Amna
Aug 25th 2015
Irza Sorry!just looked and fount the first part!its grt! Irza
Aug 24th 2015
Irza Very gud!loved the start of the storyyyy!this part is first 1 right? Irza
Aug 24th 2015
shehram No no i am not waiting for the next part i am waiting for eid miss ..... is that a thing to ask?? Of course i'd only wait on vshine for some storys next parts thats common sense Shehram
Jul 7th 2015
amna What are you waiting for shehram?? the next part i guess? Amna
Jun 23rd 2015
amna Thanks maha Amna
Jun 23rd 2015
amna Thanks maha Amna
Jun 23rd 2015
Maha Awesome!!!!! Maha
Jun 17th 2015
shehram Waiting ....................................... forever?? hehe Shehram
Jun 1st 2015
amna Thank you nabeela :) i will write next part soon. Amna
May 27th 2015
Nabeela Nice story. i cant wait for the next part Nabeela
May 26th 2015
amna Thank you samir Amna
May 19th 2015
amna Sorry Maikham,i got you wrong.when i read your comment 'i really loved the starting",i thought you were talking about this part.then i realized that i was wrong.i'm sorry. Amna
May 19th 2015
amna Thank you Maikham. actually this isn't the starting.this is the second part of my story.the administrator published the second part first and the came the starting later on... Amna
May 19th 2015
Samir Good!!! Samir
May 13th 2015
Maikham I really loved the starting....... Maikham
May 13th 2015
amna Thanks Amna
Apr 26th 2015
MARYAM Good, nice idea.. Maryam
Apr 23rd 2015
Ayesha Superb job. In the world all the comliments is for yo Ayesha
Apr 22nd 2015

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