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Ayesha Aamir
Ayesha Aamir
Pakistan International Shool Al Jubail
Troubles In Happy Land
Published On Apr 20th 2015
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Demonic radio
    “Wake up my dear daughter it is time for your trip to happy land with your friends.” said my lovely mom Mandy.
“Okay mom I will.” I replied.
Then I got up from the bed and drag myself to the bathroom like a zombie. After that I went down stairs for a breakfast which was just a glass of milk and two bread toasts. As it was an exciting day I selected my outfit to wear at happy land and got ready.
As I was departing to the car my shoes broke and I had to change them. After that I went to the car, opened the door and sat down. I was bored so I turned on the radio. The moment I turned the radio on it made a creepy noise and then a strange deep voice spoke “going to happy land will be a memorable trip ever.” And that sentence ended with a sarcastic laugh. I felt a sudden chill right after the laugh.
On my way I was thinking about the incident happened earlier. Was it to warn me or invitation to death? I once thought to cancel the plan but for my friends I didn’t. Later I saw a board saying “Welcome to the land of happiness”. My all friends Abby, Josh, Jack, Mary and Hannah were waiting for me. As I got out of the car they all yelled at me that why I was late.
“Sorry guys you know traffic these days”
“Yeah! Blame the traffic good job” Abby said.
Josh said “couldn’t leave earlier”.
“I am regretful for this” I replied pulling a shameful face so it looks real.
“Never mind move on” said Mary nodding her head.
After that little chat we enter the HAPPY LAND.                      
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Comments 13
Wania Awesome story Wania
Sep 24th 2015
Ayesha No problem maryam Ayesha
Sep 21st 2015
MARYAM Seriously Ayesha?? sorry for commenting back so late!! lol Maryam
Aug 7th 2015
Maryam Good Maryam
May 3rd 2015
Ayesha And i have made century in friends thanks all my lovely friends Ayesha
Apr 28th 2015
Ayesha Thanks amna Ayesha
Apr 28th 2015
amna Nice story Amna
Apr 26th 2015
Ayesha If thats true then count your self lucky .becuz going to school in sumer in jubail is every student's worst nighmare Ayesha
Apr 24th 2015
MARYAM Yeah I really liked it.... waitin' for ur next part.. ur school just started?? mine is about to close... exams (about to start.. ) lol!!! Maryam
Apr 23rd 2015
Ayesha Thanks fatima but actually my school has started so may be i do it on weekend or if any day i will find free .And have your school started Ayesha
Apr 22nd 2015
Tooba Nice story..Waiting 4r the next part Tooba
Apr 21st 2015
Tooba Nice story..Waiting 4r the next part Tooba
Apr 21st 2015
Ayesha Finally my first story is published 8) Ayesha
Apr 21st 2015

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