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Samir Mustafa
Samir Mustafa
Wisdomhouse School
Board Exams Ghost
Published On Apr 13th 2015
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December 2014

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Whenever I see my sister studying for board exams,I always get scared because i have not seen her studying so hard in my whole life and she is always very serious for her board exams.i really don't like to study for board exams.Whenever I think about i always get a creepy feeling.Although I study for my exams but i have not studied so hard.Once I was sittting in my bed room and thinking that how will I be able to study for this monster!!! Suddenly I saw a monster sitting beside me.When I saw the monster I got up from the stool.He was a very spooky monster and the most scariest thing was his face.All the difficult subjects were wriiten on his forehead and I was shocked to see that it had no tail it was just an evil spirit.I started to run as fast as I could and noticed that i was in a some kind of forest.The monster said"I am the moster of board exams."When I heard this I started to run even faster.Finally I stopped beside an oak tree.Then I decided that I would face this monster all by myself and as our principal said"Your half work is done when you just decide what you have to do.I told the ghost "I am not scared of you and your stupid board exams.You are just an evil spirit who cannot do anything until the children are scared from you, and I am not scared of you anymore.""Go away! Go away! I shouted to the evil spirit.Suddenly i felt cold.I woke up and found out that it was a dream and I was sleeping in a room in which the A/C was switched on and I didn't have my blanket with me!!! From that day I decided to study for board exams as hard as I can Cool
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Comments 11
Berha Not so good stop being rude to yumna! Berha
Jun 6th 2017
Ayesha Keep it up!congratulations too! Ayesha
May 14th 2017
Aiza Great story and congtrats Aiza
Sep 21st 2016
Oct 4th 2015
Wania Great story Wania
Sep 24th 2015
Habiba Good one:-) Habiba
Jun 8th 2015
amna Good Amna
May 20th 2015
dua Good story Dua
May 7th 2015
ayesha Wow it's a great lesson from Allah Ayesha
May 1st 2015
MARYAM Good, good man!!! lol... Maryam
Apr 23rd 2015
Tooba "Whenever I see my sister studying for board exams,I always get scared because i have not seen her studying so hard in my whole life" Lol that's SO my sister. Anyways nicely written,keep writing. Tooba
Apr 21st 2015

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