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Amna Ahmed
Amna Ahmed
The Girl Who Went Through Time
Published On Apr 13th 2015
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January 2015

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Mary had enjoyed herself thoroughly. She had been at the beach with her best cousin June.she always enjoyed when she was with her.she thought of all the things she did today before sleeping and at last her eyes closed and she fell into deep deep sleep. Mary's ears caught sound of footsteps walking across the road where she saw a figure limping slightly.She recognized this figure promptly.It was june,her cousin.she stood up with a jerk.June was walking all alone by herself on a very dark road.she was going towards a big hole in which fire was blazing.she was about to jump into it when Mary, horrified by all of this screamed and ran after her cousin.she caught June by her shoulders and shook her so hard that her teeth rattled in her mind."What are you doing June??why are you jumping into this pit of fire??"tears started streaming down her cheeks"have you lost your senses?don't you know that jumping into this pit will kill you?"June raised her head and looked blindly at Mary.tears were also streaming down her cheeks.June just shook her head and shook herself off by Mary's strong gripping hands and jumped into the pit.Mary woke up screaming.she was crying very loudly.her mum rushed into her room and asked her worriedly"what's wrong?why are you crying so much?"Mary didn't reply she kept on crying and even more loudly.her mum got up worriedly and drew the curtain from the window.A flash of sunlight fell on Mary's face.her mum asked sweetly"what's wrong dear?"after sometime Mary stopped crying and related her dream to her mum."well, may god rest your cousin's soul in peace....."her mum said and heaved in a deep sigh."what do you mean mum?"asked Mary looking up at her mum weirdly."your cousin has passed away"her mum replied with blurred eyes.Mary couldn't believe her ears"how?mum!!when?when did it happen??"Mary spluttered"yeasterday while she was returning from the was a car accident.she was admitted to the hospital immediately,but her time was here.your aunt told me her last words were,good bye Mary.we will meet in heaven soon..."said her mum and started crying.Everything went balck infront of Mary she found herself falling and falling...................
To be continued...  
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Comments 21
Urooj Congrats 😁😁😊😊 Urooj
Jul 12th 2017
yashfeen Nice,I really liked your thinking skills. Yashfeen
Mar 10th 2017
amna Thank you aiza... :) Amna
Jan 23rd 2017
Aiza Well done amna keep it up! Aiza
Sep 21st 2016
amna Okay i will add you too berha Amna
Jun 12th 2016
Berha Plz accept my request Amna Ahmed Berha
Apr 8th 2016
amna I have accepted wania Amna
Oct 5th 2015
Wania Amna plzz acept my frnd request Wania
Oct 4th 2015
Wania Nicely written Wania
Sep 24th 2015
amna Sorri amna Amna
Aug 30th 2015
amna It's okay Irza,let her say.I don't mind. Amna
Aug 25th 2015
Irza Very nice. AMNA!!it's not nice to laugh at people.Everyone makes mistakes!I shouldn"t do that if I was you! Irza
Aug 24th 2015
amna Yes punctuation mistakes u r not gud in english amna hahahahaahahahahaahahahahahahahaahahaha Amna
Aug 21st 2015
Samir Nice Story but there are some punctuation mistakes like you didn't start from a capital letter after putting a full stop. Samir
Jun 26th 2015
amna Thanks, thanks, thanks Amna
Jun 19th 2015
ayesha Nice!! Ayesha
Jun 10th 2015
shehram Nyc one -_- Shehram
Jun 1st 2015
amna Thank you and the next part is already published...:) Amna
May 19th 2015
Maikham Excitedly waiting for the next part....:) Maikham
May 13th 2015
amna Thank you Amna
Apr 26th 2015
Ayesha Good Ayesha
Apr 22nd 2015

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