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Aliza Mohammad Karim
Aliza Mohammad Karim
Aga Khan School Garden
Published On Apr 20th 2015
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I still remember those days when, I was a child every night before going to bed my grandmother tell me many fascinating stories but one story I like the most, was about a Cruel king. This story belongs to mountainous people of Hunza and Gilgit. Where huge number of Brusho people still lives. The king of Hunza was very cruel and heartless person, none of single person of Hunza loves him, because he loved eating meat of lamp. So every night from his kingdom his servants go to village and snatch their innocent lamp. The people cry and beg in front of king’s servant but they never listened them and move toward the castle. One day when Shiribadad was eating meat so the meat taste was so delicious then the other meats. When he asks cook the reason behind a different taste so the cook reply that the person from whom our servants get the lamp belongs to a women. She knows the reason behind it so shiribadad call the woman in his castle. The king asked her she replied that the lamp mother was death so I feed the lamp that’s why his meat was tasty, from that day he started eating new born baby he realized if the sheep baby was tasty after being feed by a human so how tasty the human baby would be??He doesn’t show mercy on little babies people cry and beg but he don’t listen them. People started hating him more and more even his daughter Noorbakhat started hating his father. One day she went to village to visit the people in village people were very angry and cross. They even hold the weapons to kill her she shouted and said i am here to help you and said I know the secret of my father so that you can kill him easily. So the people agree then noorbakhat told them secret that his father’s heart is made of butter and he can’t bear the heat so they decided to invite king shiribadad, not for his hospitality but for his dead before he came to village they dig an hole and put woods in the hole and fired the woods and set carpet on it and pretend that everything was normal. When king shiribadad enter the gate and put his step on the carpet, so he fell in that hole so his heart started to melt and he died and when he was about to die so he realized that how people would felt when they got hurt because of him and after all the people in the village dance and once again their life became happy ever after. :)
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Comments 9
Aiza Needs improvement Aiza
Sep 21st 2016
Irza Exactly you would die if u ate lamPs but u can eat lambs .nyc story BUT........Neeed to improve on grammar.Still i can't believe he ate BABIES!!! Irza
Nov 9th 2015
Wania Lol Wania
Sep 24th 2015
Marwa Nice :P Marwa
Jun 20th 2015
Rihab Good story improve english Rihab
May 15th 2015
aliza Thnx.. Aliza
Apr 26th 2015
MARYAM Okay, kind of creepy Maryam
Apr 23rd 2015
Tooba Amazing Tooba
Apr 21st 2015
shehram You can't eat lamps its lamb . story is nice Shehram
Apr 21st 2015

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