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Fatima Tariq
Fatima Tariq
Central School System
Never Be Jealous And Never Lie (part 3) Last Part
Published On Apr 20th 2015
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The next  Nila came back from the school.She started thinking something.Her mother came.Nila,Maria told me everything said her mother.But mother Nila said.But Nila why did you told a lie? asked her mother.Nila told her mother everything.Her mother went to her room.Maria was in the park with Hina.Nila was also in the park.Nila came to them.Hina and Maria.I am sorry,I will tell the truth to every one.I know that I have done wrong you guys said Nila.We forgive you sad Hina.Maria and Hina became the friend of Nila so the spend a happy life.
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Comments 11
Berha @fatima no worries. ;) Berha
Mar 16th 2018
Ayesha Oh sorry Fatima! I didnt know you were in class 2 when you wrote this! Oh my Gosh, i'm so senseless! The comment which I wrote was when I was 8 years, that time I had no sense of what to write. Please forgive me!!! Ayesha
Aug 18th 2017
Fatima Behra so nice of you Fatima
Jun 4th 2017
Berha @ayesha u need not to be proud plus u might be more talented everybody has their own skills and even if she was in four class it is still amazing, it isn't perfect because there is always room for improvement!!! Berha
May 28th 2017
Fatima Ayesha!!!!!! That time I was in 2 Fatima
May 23rd 2017
Ayesha Yu need to improve your grammar.Look,I am in 3,and you in 4 class.I can write the story better.Like: Maria told Nila,"We forgive you poor Nila." Ayesha
May 3rd 2017
Berha Just improve and upgrade your stories a little bit and I think you're stories are the outstanding Berha
Apr 27th 2016
Wania Thank u Wania
Nov 13th 2015
Wania Amna please accept my friend request plzz Wania
Oct 4th 2015
Admin Check the My Page winners here Admin
May 29th 2015
amna It is good but you can improve this. Amna
May 23rd 2015

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