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Khadija Ahmed
Khadija Ahmed
Saqib Public School
Mysterious Life (part 4)
Published On Apr 20th 2015
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Heading 1: Unbelievable message
'Jullian why not you run away? 'Catherine inquire.
"Wait! What!?? How could I run away? My father is here. I know he is acting awkwardly but this is impossible. "Jullian felt uncomfortable on Catherine's question.
"Well….Jullian I don't think it will end out good.. You can take your time to think…. Do you know I had a cousin, She had the same matter like you have and then she…… she DIED!! "Catherine said.
"Died??!! How? "Jullian got puzzled.
Catherine replied"Her stepmother killed her by adding poison in her food. When she ate the food her body started to turn blue. Her stepmother told everyone that my cousin had a very bad fever that is why she died. Only I knew the truth because I was staying with her those days. "
Jullian was trembling by listening to all that. "Why didn't you told the truth to everyone? "She inquired
"Because I knew that nobody would believe me"Catherine replied and after few moments she went away from her house.
Jullian was freeze at her place when suddenly door opened and her stepmother appeared. "You! You! Come here! Now!! "She shouted. Jullian walked towards her slowly and got slapped.
"Now listen to me carefully. You are the most annoying kid in the whole world and I hate you most! Your father is gone in another far away country for business doing this house and all his property in my name. This hoise is no more yourself I saw you in my house after midnight you will be out of this house! Understand?. I don't even care where you go ,where you live or where you die, where you eat or where you dress, what you do or what everyone else do with you but in any way you have to pack your stuff and leave the house. You cannot even contact your father as all the phones are in my room but if I checked you in your room and found you in there after midnight then I will hold you from your hairs and make you leave the house without giving you any of your stuff! And one thing more! Don't worry your father will not come for you neither he is not interested to have you as a daughter nor I want to keep a trash in my house , he only and only loves me! Now get the hell out of here! "She finished her message and shouting and shut the door with a bang.
Heading 2:sudden and cruel departure
For first five minutes Jullian was stunned then she sat on the floor slowly slowly.
"Oh my GOD where is my mom? I want her back ..I… I… ..really.. I really miss her… I want her back… where is my dad? What happened to him? Why he changed? Why he not wants to keep me as a daughter? I want him back ..I want him like he was before… what will happen? Where will I go? "Jullian thought… in whole room her sobbing voices could be heard. Her heart was broken.
"Maybe I should contact Cath… oh no! I don't have telephone… I should visit Eyre's home.. He and his father will keep me for some days"she though and stood up . Soon she was standing infront of his house but she heard something bad that was fearing her most… Eyre and his father left the house before one week ago after selling it. Again back in the room her head was spinning. She was just too young too handle those situations. She was sitting by the bed when suddenly she remembered that her mom gave a pouch ro her with design on it for her 8th birthday… oh it was her 8th birthday one day. She opened the the pouch and found a small gold necklace with a small diamond attached to it. She put the necklace in her secret pocket that was stitched in her gown. The sunset was taking place and she was getting more and more confused as the time was passing soon she fainted. Before five minutes from midnight her eyes opened ,she was back to senses. All the things were at their places soon she realized that nobody came into her room not even giving food to her. A loud noise broke her thoughts and her eyes got fixed on the door from where step mother was stepping I,her throat went sour.
"No! This can happen! Why I fainted? I even didn't packed my stuff…. "Jullian thought and now step mother was so close to her.
"You! You should have gone! Now come here! "Rebella shouted and hold Jullian from hairs. She tried to escape from her but Rebella's grip was too tight. Rebella's nails cut her skin and all her skin went red when Rebella beat her cruelly.
"No please no! That hurts! "Jullian shouted but Rebella didn't care She pushed her from all her force to out of the house and said
"Go away .I never ever wanted to see your face! "
Rebella slapped her and closed the gate.
Heading 3:Helpless Jullian
Jullian's tears were rushing from her eyes. Her cheeks and hands were bleeding. The weather was stormy and rain drops were falling on the ground. Cold breeze made her fever to increase and increase. At last she couldn't bear any more and fall unconsciously on the ground. .
Sun was shining brightly. Jullian opened her eyes. Her body was so weak cause whole night cold wind entered into her bones. She tried to stand but she couldn't .She sat by the wall and looked at the whole big banglow…. .with closed door.. Oh how much she have to suffer? She thought. Tears rolled down from her eyes. After sometime she stood up hardly ,body trembling badly. Catherine home was a little far that is why it took more than half an hour to reach her house slowly slowly. She knocked on the door with weak and pale hands .Catherine opened the door and was shocked to see Jullian lying on the floor. She took her inside and served her hot soup and coffee. After so many days Jullian got enough things to eat. She felt better after eating them. She told everything to Cath.
"What a cruel thing"the voice was unfamiliar .She looked at the person and stared. She felt that he was smiling at her and yes he really was!
"He is my brother, Jacob"Catherine introduced her brother.
"Jullian you look weak. You should sleep that will help to relax you and keep you healthy"Jacob said.
"Yeas he is right"Catherine said.
It was noon when Jullian woke up. She was feeling much better.
"Oh my GOD what happened? How could all this took place? I was living my life happily with my parents and then someone came… Rebella came ..and then… my life got ruined. "She thought
Two tears slipped from her eyes and soaked into the gown. Her hand went into her pocket and touched something solid . Oh! It is my necklace! She remembered. Should I tell this to Cath? No I shouldn't .To be continued
Read next part later
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Comments 14
Manahil Now even I am in 9th😅😂😂seriously! Manahil
Mar 22nd 2017
Wania Waiting for it Wania
Sep 22nd 2015
khadija I have sent it today Khadija
Aug 8th 2015
jasmine Its august now and it still has not came Jasmine
Aug 7th 2015
nabiha 2 months has passed when will you upload the next part Nabiha
Aug 3rd 2015
Admin Check the My Page winners here Admin
May 29th 2015
khadija So much happy for your interested. .i wil send it as soon as i get time ;pthnxx Khadija
May 14th 2015
amna Nice story and when is the next part coming?? sooooooo interested!! Amna
May 13th 2015
khadija Thank u so much for admiring ....i m also looking foward to writ more but it will take a little time because as i m in nineth i have to prepare for tests evryday. .once again thankxxx! ;D Khadija
Apr 30th 2015
raveeha Khadija I have 2 say u r an awesome writer,till now this story has been gr8.i'm looking forward to reading its next part and more of ur writings Raveeha
Apr 28th 2015
khadija Sure will come in few days Khadija
Apr 24th 2015
MARYAM Eager to here next part Maryam
Apr 23rd 2015
khadija Yeah sure. ..lets see when i get free time bcause i m in ninth and there is alot of stuff to do! Well thnk u for yur interest ;) ;p Khadija
Apr 22nd 2015
Manahil Next part?? I'm really interested;; Manahil
Apr 22nd 2015

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