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Fountain Pen
Fountain Pen
P-i-s Al-khobar
The Chocolate Thief
Published On Apr 20th 2015
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Once upon a time there was a boy.He was a chocolate seller.He could make the best choclate in his town.He loved chocolates very much.He also eat chocolates from his own market and that is why he got less profit. One day there was a festival in his town.This was his chance to get much profit.Many peoples buyed his chocolates even the king and he became rich.But he runned out of chocolates.He sold all his chocolates and he cannot live without them.He got an idea that he will steal his costumers who got all his chocolates. So he decided to steal the king's chocolates.At the midnight he wore a ninja mask and sneak in the chimeny.He didn’t know that there was cauldron below him and he felled in. He shouted loudly.But he escaped the cauldron with an effort.He was rotten but he was very brave.A king's guard heard the shout ran to what going on.When he saw the boy in a ninja costume, he raised sword and said"raise your arms in the air".
NinjaBoy: you are no match to me im a ninja and i can lift ten elephants with one hand.
Guard:you have no weapons im warning you or i will kill you.
NinjaBoy:you have just a sword while i have a butter knife,a yoyo,a nail clipper and a water gun.
Guard:thats enough kid I’m going to slice you.
The guard charged but the boy grabbed a spoon from the cauldron and dipped it in a hot soup and throwed the soup on the guard's face.The guard's face was broasted and he was going to shout but the ninja boy pasted a masking tape on his mouth and tied him ropes so he cannot move.He the went to the royal kitchen and found the chcolate at last.He grabbed all those 100 kg chocolates and ate them all in just one bite. He became so fat that he slipped and rolled and crashed to the refrigerator. The fridge broked.Because of all the noises,the king woke up. He went to the kitchen.
King:where are all my chocolates and what that elephant doing here.
NinjaBoy:im not an elephant i just got fat and those were my chocolates.
King:i buyed them so they were mine.
NinjaBoy:but i wanted them back so i ate them.
King:i hate you.
NinjaBoy:i hate you too.
King:ok you have eaten all my chocolates then have a taste of my own medicine!
NinjaBoy: what are your own medicines?
King: toxins, anthrax and bacteria syrup! hahahahahahaaaa!!!!!
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Wania Awesome story Wania
Nov 13th 2015
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May 29th 2015

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