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Habiba Rahman
Habiba Rahman
Nakhlah (gcs)
Poor Apricot
Published On Apr 1st 2015
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November 2014

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One night Ahmed was sleeping in his bed and he heard a noise from his cupboard. At first he thought that he had imagined it but when it grew louder he felt scared and went to sleep with his older brother Ali .At first Ali didn't believe him but then he said ok I will come with you but if there is no sound you will sleep in your room. Ahmed agreed to this and they both went in his room after some time they heard the noise and Ali said Ahmed you open the cupboard and I will grab whatever it is in the pillow case. So when Ahmed opened the cupboard a creature jumped out of it in the pillow case and Ali yelled I have got it. Both boys looked at the creature and laughed because it was there cat Apricot in it. Ali said I would have done that if I was traped in your cupboard with those stinky clothes and socks. Ahmed said poor Apricot. And they laughed again.
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Comments 14
Habiba Just wanted to share it with you guys yashfeen Habiba
Sep 15th 2017
yashfeen Habiba if its not your own story then why did you copied it.please tell. Yashfeen
Aug 13th 2017
Habiba This story is not written by me and please don't tell me that I cheated it I just wanted to share it with you all Habiba
Apr 2nd 2016
Maida Congrates Maida
Mar 16th 2016
qurratul Priti gud........ Qurratul
Nov 15th 2015
maryam I am cousin of emaan farhan and I know you have cheated it from the English test in class 5 Maryam
Oct 25th 2015
Wania Pretty good Wania
Sep 24th 2015
Hiba In this story the small brother's name is Adam and the elder brother's name is David and you have copied it +you have missed half of the story. Hiba
Sep 19th 2015
amna Hey!!your story is published in the magazine!! :D Amna
Jun 23rd 2015
amna Congratulations!! :) Amna
Jun 19th 2015
mahrukh Exellent Mahrukh
Jun 3rd 2015
Admin Check the My Page winners here Admin
May 29th 2015
FR NO.1 Pretty funny it is cute of ali and ahmed to call their cat apricot Fr No.1
May 16th 2015
amna Nice Amna
May 16th 2015

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