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Anam Abbasi
Anam Abbasi
Roots International School
Published On Apr 1st 2015
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November 2014

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It was Wednesday, my cousin's birthday. Dadi had just come back from her dialysis. Usually, she was so weak that she couldn't even get up. But on that day, she walked all the distance to the drawing room-a great distance for her. We took lots of pictures with her. But who knew that these would be her last pictures.
The next day, Dadi fell down on her way to the bathroom. I was asleep at that time. Baba and Mama took her to the hospital. When I woke up, Khala told me that she might have had a foliage attack. I was only half-worried because she had fallen once or thrice before. But I had never heard about foliage.
On Friday, she was in coma. I was really very worried now, as I saw my Dada crying, which I had never seen before. On Saturday morning, my mother told me the dreadful news. I didn't believe her. I thought of it as a joke. But then my cousins told me about it. Then I saw Baba's bloodshot eyes. But I still didn't believe anything. It was only when I went downstairs and saw all my relatives and neighbours sitting there, looking sad. But then I had to accept the truth.
She had a smile on her face, even when she was lying in the Taboot. I used to boast so proudly about my Nano and Nana Abu and Dada and Dadi being alive to my friends, but now my pride was shattered. Whenever I read the August 2013 issue of V SHINE, I read about Grandparents. And cry.
Even though it's the 1st of April, I don't believe that Dadi is gone. I think she'll call me to eat apples, or to help her to get up. But she doesn’t.
6th March 2015, 10:06 pm, Friday. I shall NEVER forget this.
May Dadi's soul rest in peace (Ameen). It deserves too, because of her patience and thankfulness. Even though she had so many diseases, she never uttered a word of complaint. I love all my grandparents.
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Comments 14
yashfeen Ameen Yashfeen
Apr 6th 2017
sajahir AMEEN! Sajahir
Nov 30th 2016
Aiza AMEEN Aiza
Sep 21st 2016
Irza May your Dadi's soul rest in peace .AMEEN- SUM-AMEEN... Irza
Nov 9th 2015
Wania Ameen Wania
Sep 24th 2015
Aug 3rd 2015
Anam This is for all readers: Why do u all do this? I wrote this not to get comments like, " Nice" and " Well done" but to get just one word , if u don't want to write that, please go the next story and don't comment at all..Thank you. Anam
Jun 7th 2015
mahrukh Nice Mahrukh
Jun 3rd 2015
Admin Check the My Page winners here Admin
May 29th 2015
Anam Thanku everyone....but Ghashia I didn't get offense but this is a true story....are u thinking that I made it all up???? plzz clear this confusion, I don't want to fight with u!!! Anam
May 26th 2015
amna Fatimah, you forgot to say "AMEEN!" Amna
May 20th 2015
FR NO.1 May allah make the next life easy for her and for all of them Fr No.1
May 16th 2015
ayesha May ALLAH give their soul peace AMEEN!! Ayesha
Apr 26th 2015
Ghashia A nice one indeed, really. keep it up! Ghashia
Apr 24th 2015

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