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Wafa Abbas
Wafa Abbas
Saud International School
Riddle Of Pink
Published On Mar 30th 2015
Total Comments : 38
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In a one-storey pink house, there was a pink person, a pink cat, a pink fish, a pink computer, a pink chair, a pink table, a pink telephone, a pink shower– everything was pink!
What color were the stairs?
Please answer in the comment box below
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Comments 38
hafsa Can't it be a house with roof top? Hafsa
Jan 14th 2018
hafsa Stairs would be pink too Hafsa
Jan 1st 2018
Wafa Thanks Urooj I was a bit busy so i didn't really get time to open vshine's page. Wafa
Aug 9th 2017
Urooj Wafa where were u from couple of months😷😷😷 Urooj
Jul 30th 2017
Urooj Really good Wafa 😁😘😘😘 Urooj
Jul 29th 2017
HAFSA AOA wafa my real name is hafsa tariq i live in pakistan . what's up Hafsa
Dec 28th 2016
Aliza  Hey! by the way , I am going to make anime version of my 2 best friends on vshine ( fatimah latif and Wafa abbas) can you plz send me your hair color, skin tone, eye color and also any outfit suggestion that you might suggest for the art work. & also your favorite color...(note: if you didn't send the answer to my question(s) i mill randomly set the hair color etc) plz reply as fast as u can Aliza
Dec 3rd 2016
Wafa Many thanks to Noorish Khan Sajahir Rizwan Laiba Nadeem Aleesha Abdullah Taibah Ahson Fatima Aleem & Manahil ahmad for liking this riddle Wafa
Dec 3rd 2016
Wafa FOR PRETTY Thanks pretty my studies r going great & I live in Riyadh which is in Saudi Arabia. BTW whats ur real name (if u don't mind telling me) FOR ALIZA Thanks Aliza Wafa
Dec 3rd 2016
Aliza  Gud yar Aliza
Nov 30th 2016
HAFSA Wafa how are your studies?????????in which country do u live?????????? Hafsa
Nov 30th 2016
Wafa Thank u pretty and yes it is my pic Wafa
Nov 26th 2016
Wafa Thank u pretty and yes it is my pic Wafa
Nov 26th 2016
HAFSA Hello your DP is perfect and cute also :) it's your pic or not??????? Hafsa
Nov 21st 2016
Wafa Any time noorish and aleesha Wafa
Oct 15th 2016
Noorish Hey wafa nice to meet u Noorish
Oct 8th 2016
Noorish HI WAFA Noorish
Oct 8th 2016
Noorish Thanks for adding me as a friend Noorish
Oct 8th 2016
Jungkook's Wafa, that's good. Thanks for adding me as a friend. Jungkook's
Sep 30th 2016
Wafa Hey!!! thank u Noorish i would love to be ur friend Wafa
Sep 28th 2016
Noorish Agree with tooba! i reallyb liked u wafa i am also from pakistan would u be my friend on v shine plz Noorish
Sep 16th 2016
Wafa Hey Aleesha i would love to be ur friend & thanks aleesha, sajahir and pretty i am great Wafa
Sep 9th 2016
Safa There can not be stairs because it was one storey. Safa
Aug 19th 2016
sajahir Right Sajahir
Aug 19th 2016
Jungkook's How are you, Wafa? Jungkook's
Aug 18th 2016
sajahir How are u wafa Sajahir
Aug 9th 2016
HAFSA Hye wafa how are you? Hafsa
Jun 29th 2016
Jungkook's Hi Wafa nice to meet you, I was wondering if you want to be my friend on VSHINE, I live in Riyadh too. Jungkook's
May 21st 2016
Sarah Pink panther Sarah
Oct 1st 2015
Eman Nice story Eman
Oct 1st 2015
Taibah Please accept my friend request Taibah
Jul 4th 2015
Admin Check the My Page winners here Admin
May 29th 2015
Rihab Nice one Rihab
May 18th 2015
Wafa Hello fatima whats up did you do the arabic homework Wafa
Apr 29th 2015
fatima It is a one story house so it doesnt have stairs Fatima
Apr 27th 2015
Umama No stairs are present in a one storey house. Umama
Apr 14th 2015
ayesha Of course no stairs in a storey house well nice riddle!!>3 Ayesha
Apr 9th 2015
Tooba There are no stairs in one storey house Tooba
Mar 31st 2015

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